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Opinion: disputes among the pilots Board the Flydubai was not and could not be

To jump to conclusions that the ship commander and the copilot could be disagreement based on the published recording of the voice recorder should not be, warned of Novels.

Today in the media with reference to sources reported that the plane crash Boeing 737 Flydubai company in Rostov-on-don might occur because of a dispute in the cockpit. Experts have deciphered the cockpit voice recorder data of the liner. The crew managed to coordinate their actions only in the moment when both pilots felt the negative overload, but it was too late.

«Most likely, those phrases that we heard, suggests that one of the crew members realized that the movement of the plane went in a bad direction. Maybe he thought it was the result of the actions of his colleagues, so repeated several times: don’t do it, — said the expert. Is a normal phrase for CRM (crew resource management)», he added.

According to the source, inflated unclear sensation, journalists write about what the pilots had gone around in manual mode, independently setting the pitch, the angle of the nose of the plane.

«But these data cannot be determined by the audio media. One must wait for decoding parametric data» — said Romanov.

According to the expert, in the cabin of the ship there is always a clear chain of command and division of responsibilities, neither of which the conflict between the captain and the pilot not out of the question, the second must strictly follow the instructions of the first.

«Most likely, when you decode the parametric information, it will be clear at what point the autopilot was disconnected, what happened to the stabilizer and rudders. While make conclusions impossible,» — says Romanov.

The expert noted the similarity of the catastrophe in Rostov with the crash of Boeing-737 in Kazan. «This may be due to the structural defect of the plane. The pilots had gone around, there and here, — said the interlocutor. — Boeing — aircraft light when leaving on the second circle having a very large pitch angles of the vertical growth and speed, while the stabilizer fulfills dive off the autopilot. Capacity of the rudders might not be enough to exit this dive. Perhaps the role played by the weakening of the icing. The fire, which can be seen on the recording, most likely flameout of the engines, the surge, which leads to unstable work of the engine».