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Nanny McPhee

What is behind the beheading of the girl and demonstrative actions of her killer

In Moscow opened a criminal case of murder against migrant women from Central Asia, were detained near the metro station «October Field» the morning of 29 February. Woman in Muslim attire walked down the street, showing the cut off head of a four-year child. While she called herself a terrorist and threatened by the surrounding explosion. «Ribbon.Roux» tried to understand the reasons that could push a woman to such a horrific crime.

Conscientious nanny

About a year ago the parents of murdered Nastya M. hired who came from Uzbekistan Gulchehra Bobokulov, reports LifeNews. She has faithfully been the responsibility of Babysitting until, while in her own family began disorder. In the last days of Gulchehra was in the fevered state due to a conflict with her husband. And temporary insanity on the grounds of adultery was the first version of the reasons she committed the crime.

At 9 o’clock 30 minutes in a call center service of the Moscow Central Board of the Ministry of emergency situations received a report of a fire in the house 29, building 1 on the street of the National Militia. Firefighters arrived at the scene eight minutes later.

«The apartment is on the 5th floor of a 10 storey apartment building a fire occurred personal belongings and furniture in one of the rooms and in the corridor on a total area of about 20 square meters, — said in the MOE. — During fire extinguishing and rescue work of firefighters were rescued 4 people from the neighboring apartments.»

By the beginning of the eleventh hour the fire was liquidated. In place of the fire found the remains of combustible material and the headless body of the child.

As it turned out later, the head of a four-year Nasti killer put it in the backpack, left the house and headed towards the nearest metro station «October Field.»

Near the entrance to the subway to the suspicious woman in the niqab and with a backpack to check the documents the police officer approached. Then Bobokulov pulled out of the backpack the girl’s head, shouted that he had killed her and is now going to blow itself up. According to witnesses, she shouted «Allah Akbar!», I swung the child’s head and the knife that was in her other hand.

Police surrounded the woman, and then one of them came up and pushed her to the ground. Police blocked the entrances to the station «October Field.» Sappers are not found on the body and in things babakulova the explosives, after which she was taken to the police Department.

The head office of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow opened a case of murder of the juvenile child (part 2 of article 105 of the Russian criminal code), and the arrested were sent to forensic psychiatric examination.

Insanity and planned action

«Given such a horrible, horrible act that she committed, but still defiantly went about threatening, it can be assumed that she was in a state of acute psychosis, — has told «the Ribbon.ru» the head of the Department of social mental health problems, Professor at the Centre for psychiatry and narcology. VP Serbian Boris Polozhii. Is there such a mental illness with disorder of consciousness or aggressive nonsense, which people lose criticism to his condition. Under the influence of hallucinations do such things.»

However, in some circumstances still are traces of intent. According to investigators, Gulchehra Bobokulov waited until out of the house leaving the girl’s parents with her older child. Nastya she killed, while she was asleep. I put the head not in a simple package, and more convenient for long transportation backpack.

«Arson, most likely, served as a means of concealing the traces of crime. And she used the accelerant to accelerate and intensify the process of combustion, — has told «the Ribbon.ru» a source in law enforcement bodies. And if Bobokulov not detained at the entrance to the subway, in addition to suspicion and speculation about it possibly wouldn’t be any evidence».

Remains unanswered the question of why and where the nanny was carrying the severed head of the girl. Change her husband? In the version that trick spouse was the reason for such a monstrous reaction, don’t even believe in psychiatrists.

«Of course, for her husband’s infidelity, such a reaction is too, — said Boris Polozhii. — Think about it, she’s a woman, it is possible that have children. What’s this child? I think this version is very unconvincing. If it is confirmed that she committed these actions in a deranged condition, then it indicates a serious disease which could hardly be provoked by external factors».

Religious fanaticism or madness

The footage, caught in the net, Gulchehra Bobokulov in a black niqab with a knife and a human head similar to a member of the banned in Russia organization of the Islamic state, pose after the terrible execution of the captive. Their religious beliefs the woman was supported with shouts of «Allah Akbar!».

«I do not see any referring to religious fanaticism or extremism, explained «the Tape.ru» senior lecturer at the School of Oriental studies of the Higher school of economy Andrey Chuprygin. Is pure psychosis, something wrong with his head. Even I would not say that she was dressed in a niqab — it should be black, not blue. And the smeared blue nail varnish. The story of cutting the baby’s head does not fit into any tactics or discourse of extremism. This is a common crime on the ground».

Chuprygin believes that while there is no reason to believe that Babakulova act may have been committed under the influence of this terrorist organization in the middle East or calls for Jihad.

«The fact that she is a native of Central Asia, still nothing said, — he stressed. — Now we have problem number one is a Russian Muslim. A growing number of young people who grew up in Muslim families, but went to fight in Syria.»

Boris Polozhii, in turn, does not deny the possible impact on the crazed nanny violent videos disseminated by ISIS terrorists.

«Demonstration of atrocities not only affect the mentally ill but also the healthy people, — said situation. — These things excite aggression manifest and the hidden, lurking in us traits».


In a state of psychosis not only the nurse, but a mother capable of committing a terrible crime. In the modern history of Russia and the former Soviet republics there are several scenes of beheading young children their mothers.

So, on December 17, 2014, in Yekaterinburg 40-year-old woman cut off the head of his seven year old daughter, singing the «command demon», which sounded in her head. She single-handedly raised the girl while in the divorce. Worked as an accountant, led a normal life.

30 June 2014 in Tajikistan 29-year-old Sharipova Sadegul beheaded his six year old daughter. Sharipov also raised a daughter alone and felt the pressure of strict relatives of Muslim brotherhood, accusing it of illegitimate birth.