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MINI R57 in design from Vilner


The employees themselves Vilner has baptized his creation the «most eccentric MINI in the universe.» Model MINI R57 created by the newly opened Chinese branch of the company Vilner, really looks very dignified and British brand reveals a new side. The car was custom made for a young actress Tyan Lynn. In the design of the car clearly visible space theme: as in colors and in the materials used.

At first glance the car looks pretty standard, but after a few seconds the nearest acquaintance lost all doubts: this is a real work of art.

In this car the interior is filled with delicate detail, is much more important than the exterior design. Some elements, such as a small button under the speedometer, were made of pure gold and other products such as metal bars behind the seats were covered with a thin layer. All cutting and engraving on badges and other items were made manually.

The most beautiful elements of the interior – the steering wheel and dashboard. Their surface is coated with 25 layers of paint and varnish, which creates a specific space effect. The main materials for the upholstery was leather and Alcantara purple and blue colors. These are pretty dark colors in keeping with edging and white color of the vehicle, making this MINI R57одной of the most original models of the brand.