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Lamborghini Aventador Tron from Giovanna Wheels


In recent years more and more tuning companies doing truly original work, drawing its inspiration in the cinema. A recent interesting works in the world of tuning can undoubtedly be called the Lamborghini Aventador performed by California artists from Giovanna Wheels. For the first time this instance has appeared before a wide public at the Houston auto show 2016, instantly attracted to the stand numerous company views motorists.

This instance was inspired by the popular sci-Fi picture «Tron». However, the supercar will interest even those not familiar with this film motorists, after all, the Italian supercars have never been presented in such an interesting design.

Perhaps the most striking and attractive element of design Tron Lamborghini Aventador is painted like the car. Adhering to the style of the film, the authors are with white stripes expertly highlighted all the intricate curves of aerodynamic Aventador. Looking at the result, you can instantly verify: for these curves and many love the Aventador model.