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Digest: test Volkswagen Golf 7 and the Honda CR-V 2012, Toyota Camry failed the crash test, Europe chooses the best car of the year

Ukraine attacked the snow and cold, blocking the roads and forcing people to freeze in the snow, waiting for rescue from the MOE. We did at that time heartily opponent, started hitting the dirt on a Honda CR-V of 2012, as well as closely acquainted with the Volkswagen Golf seventh generation.

Honda CR-V the new fourth generation, «zamaterel». Inside is still a lot of space, but technically the machine has changed. Decreased ground clearance, but four-wheel drive was better. All the details in the small but very informative test drive Honda CR-V.

A more detailed test is dedicated to the seventh generation Volskwagen Golf. The founder of the class has become more technological and has got options that while competitors never dreamed of. So, it is necessary to take? The answer in the test drive of the Volkswagen Golf 7.

As usual on Friday watch the video from the registrars and from the mistakes of others learn not to get into an accident.

Toyota this week scored twice. First time introduced wireless charging for phones in the car. Second — when the new Camry has not passed the crash test in the United States, showing mediocre results.

European sales statistics, as usual, unusual Ukrainian. «Cox» hatchbacks, in the top only one crossover course, the Nissan Qashqai. Volkswagen Golf new generation again on the top.

Mercedes-Benz is gradually losing the war BMW in the fight for wealthy buyers. What to do with it is not yet clear even to the leadership of the group.

I wonder how the Audi?

Announced the shortlist of contenders in the competition Car of the year, the results of which will be announced in March at the Geneva motor show. At this time, no hybrid or electric cars in the short list no.

Everything is delicious

Finally announced the prices for the Peugeot 301 sedan, which we recently tested in Turkey. The machine will be in February at the price from 600 UAH 104.

Unfortunately, even the top version, even for some money, you can’t order ESP.

That’s all, until next week! And don’t forget to vote for your version, car of the year in the «people’s choice 2012″.