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Depression modern people infected Neanderthals

photo: morguefile.com

The Neanderthal genes was obtained 47-65 modern man thousands of years ago. In recent years, scientists have the opportunity in the bones of the ancestors to read the genome and to identify the current people thousands of specific genetic variants (polymorphisms) left over from Neanderthals. All studied genotypes 28 416 people, of their illness and the condition of the body, including bad habits. The result is that most Neanderthal genes can contribute to our depression and other disorders are related to mood and emotions. Slightly smaller, but also make themselves felt when his contemporaries manifested obesity, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, pathological changes of the skin exposed to solar radiation, increased blood clotting and even Smoking addiction. These genes could be useful to our ancestors in ancient times, but then become harmful because of changes in living conditions. However, scientists warn that the impact on modern Europeans is very, very weak.

Review of doctor of biological Sciences Alexander MARKOV:

— From the Neanderthals could go and have useful genes. And this is confirmed by studies which were conducted in January 2016. It was found that Neanderthal alleles (different forms of the same gene) play a role in the immune protection against pathogenic bacteria, fungi and other parasites. However, it is possible that the modern city dweller and they can be hurt, as in our time, the diversity of parasites is less than that of the ancients. We can draw an analogy with alleles, increasing the efficiency of absorption of nutrients. To our ancestors they were very necessary, and the modern civilized man become «obesity genes».