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Another accomplice, Deputy Minister of culture of the court has not yet arrested

In court. The frame of the report «Russia-24″.

According to investigators, former CEO of the construction company Baltstroy Dmitry Sergeyev Alexander Kochenower arranged the contract on behalf of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation for the restoration of Novodevichy convent. From April to December of 2015 they listed the organization’s 50 million rubles for allegedly for work done. In the opinion of the investigator, and the amount paid was overstated.

Earlier investigatory management of FSB has informed that criminal case against several senior officials of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and businessmen suspected of misappropriation of state funds allocated for the restoration works on the objects of cultural heritage. In their place of residence and work are searched.

The Deputy Minister of culture Grigory Pirumov was detained within investigation of criminal case about plunder of public funds allocated for restoration of objects of cultural heritage. In addition to the Deputy Minister of culture on business are detained the Director of the Department of property management and investment policy of the Ministry of culture Boris Mazo, as well as the Director under the Ministry of fgku «Contrastively» Oleg Ivanov and the head of the company Baltstroy Dmitry Sergeyev. The court has already arrested him until may 10.

According to the website of the Ministry of culture, 53-year-old G. Pirumov directly coordinates and controls the activities of the Department of property management and investment policy, Department of state protection of cultural heritage, legal Department and FGBY «Agency for management and use of monuments of history and culture». He was appointed in the fall of 2015.

As it became known during the consideration of arrest request Kochenova, the consequence believes that the Deputy Minister of culture of Russia Grigory Pirumov created in 2012 by an organized criminal group for plunder of budgetary funds.

— It is established that no later than November 2012 Pirumov created and headed an organized group, which included several individuals, including Kochenov, said the investigator of the FSB Zakharov. According to him, the stolen more than 50 million rubles is still unknown.

The consequence suspects G. Pirumov that he drew in the gang of other participants, including the heads of construction companies contractors. The purpose of the group was the embezzlement of funds by overstating the cost of work on the restoration of some monuments of cultural heritage — among them the restoration of Novodevichy convent and various houses.

According to investigators, the group participated and the residents of St. Petersburg Dmitry Sergeyev and Alexander Kochenov.

As it turned out the media, the company Baltstroy participated in the reconstruction of cathedrals in St. Petersburg, the walls and towers of the Moscow Kremlin, the faceted chamber of the Moscow Conservatory and the triumphal square, Solovetsky monastery, Izborsk Museum-reserve and other major cultural heritage sites.

Earlier Lefortovsky court has arrested Dmitry Sergeyev, who was arrested in the case against G. Pirumov instituted on 10 March 2016.

During the trial, the investigator of the FSB Zakharov requested the arrest Kochenova in such cases, the standard wording. The prosecution agreed with the position of the investigator.

The suspect opposed arrest. He and his defense team asked the court to postpone the meeting due to the fact that they need time for translation of medical documents and the conclusion of the contract of renting an apartment in Moscow, where he could serve his house arrest.

— My client has undergone a serious examination, seven sessions of chemotherapy. I urge you to give the time for the defense to notarize medical documents. Arguments of a consequence that he can hide and destroy evidence is unfounded. He has three young children, earlier not the offender, he is not going to disappear», — said the lawyer.

In the end, the judge Margarita Kotova decided to extend the period of detention Kochenova for 72 hours and adjourned the meeting on 17 March to 16 hours.