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And eat fish: what Russian women expect from 8 March

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Today the most popular joke to the 8th of March wandering around the Internet, recommends «to clear the woman from the top clothing with the help of wine and brandy, showered with kisses and roast 20-30 minutes or until the blush on his face.» The social network is literally full of similar messages.

Meanwhile, on a purely female forums there are topics about how the fair sex intend to mark international women’s day. «And someone else and table covers in this day? Isn’t that something,» said one of the participants, a long time, apparently, moved to the United States.

Remaining in Russia girls told her that if «the table is not a table», but counting on an invitation to a restaurant or a kebab from her husband and his friends.

«I have a husband to feed me. Most likely will go to friends in the cafe and bring a delicious fish on the grill:-)», — said the resident of Rostov-on-don.

«I will respect the child. This means that cooking will be a husband and as the whole of last year» — echoes Elina from Nizhny Novgorod.

Someone is going to visit and cook together — Olivier, duck, jelly, pies are the most common treats.

Some girls are satisfied with a purely female gathering, and meeting with your favourite men plan already on the same evening, after the gatherings. However, some fear that husbands will start to «cook women» from send a prescription before the meeting with the beloved.

Another participant in the online forums complained that her men this time decided to cook on holiday too much, just that: «they promised a roll of pita bread, pork pie, cherry pie, sweet sausage».

With regard to statistics, as polls on the portal Superjob.ru two thirds of Russians are going to give gifts on this day. Curiously, on February 23 in the affirmative on this question answered only 39%. The simple answer is, oddly enough on March 8 very often women give gifts to each other — mother daughter, mother daughter, sister sister.

The correspondent of «MK», held across the holiday the streets of Moscow, noticed that traditional tulips often buy also women.

Of course, to indulge in your favorite, is not forbidden. But still we wish all the Russians, to their pleased and not forget the men! And not only in this spring day.