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American scientists are trying to prove that the sex of the baby is affected by the virus

photo: morguefile.com

The group of experts explained the mechanism of interaction between the reproductive system and cause ailments so: antivirus lives on the X chromosome that determines the sex of the baby. But the unborn fetus may «disable» it. If the level of the molecular marker is in normal X chromosomes remain active. Consequently, men and women are born in equal proportions. However, if the ancient marker of the virus are too many X chromosomes suspend their activities, and boys are born twice more than girls. The researchers hope that the new information will allow them to create effective treatments for many diseases.

But Russian scientists skeptical reacted to the sensation of the New world. From the point of view of scientific Director of the Institute of General genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Ilyinsky, the news is filed with Western colleagues as a great discovery, more like crap. However, in Russia, such studies have not been conducted hitherto, and therefore to be dogmatic scientists are not eligible. Yet, if guided by arguments of logic, to accept the evidence of staff of Yale University is hard, though, because gender is an important factor, which is fixed in human nature millions of years ago. «If we assume that the virus exists, — says Valery Ilinsky. means it needs to cause strong distortions in the structure of the population. So history needs to be known to periods when significantly more boys are born than girls, and Vice versa. However personally, I such distortions is not known. Max can reach just 1-2%».

With colleagues in solidarity of genetics, Medical genetic centre, Children’s city clinical hospital №13 of them. N. F. Filatov Ilya Kanivets: «There are some opinions that from time to time more boys are born than girls (10 percent%), and in a few years this imbalance is leveled. And yet, the statistical significance of these asymmetries is controversial. Such data are not fixed. Numerical superiority on either side is always negligible. In addition, doubt the very existence of the virus on the chromosomes. However, who knows, perhaps the Americans went so far that we, Russians, still too early to assess this discovery».