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680-horsepower Mercedes C63 AMG from VATH


German tuning company VATH once again showed their professional attitude to the brand Mercedes, showing it on the model of the Mercedes-AMG C63. While externally, the car has not changed, within this model has become a quite interesting specimen. This applies to both interior Mercedes, and some other elements: for example, a suspension or a 4-liter eight-cylinder engine of the S63 twin-turbo.

If it were not for custom wheels and low clearance of the car, he would and certainly could be confused with the standard C63 S. However, experts VÄTH has introduced some major changes in the structure of the engine, after which 4-liter V8 Mercedes began issuing no less than 600 HP of power and 810 Nm of torque. At this rate strap speed soared to the mark of 320 km/h. the Cost of this upgrade is 4291 $ 380 dollars for the installation.

For those who do not, and this power VÄTH store a set of upgrades with the marking V 63 RS. This kit for an additional sum of money adds to the characteristics of another 80 HP, bringing the total capacity to an impressive 680 «horses».

In addition to reviewing the internals of the engine, the C63 S has been replacing the old suspension with a new, lower set, which reduced the ground clearance by 40 mm. By the way, the suspension will cost the client additional VÄTH at 396 $.

The German master did not forget about an integral part of any tuning project – installation of new disks. This Mercedes C63 boasts a 20-inch silver or black wheels with tires 255/30 ZR20 front and 275/30 ZR20 at the rear. Finally, on their own customers can get a new speedometer (with speed line to 360 km/h), a set of aluminum pedals, and black Velor floor mats.