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The U.S. lifted trade sanctions with the company «UkrSpetsExport»

It is reported that the decision to lift trade sanctions with Ukrainian companies «UkrSpetsExport» will be officially published after the decision will come into force on 21 March.vz.ua

WASHINGTON, Mar 18 — RIA Novosti Ukraine, Alexey Bogdanovsky. The U.S. lifted trade restrictions with the Ukrainian company «Ukrspetseksport», introduced by the us Department of Commerce in 2013, reported on Friday on the portal of government information Federal Register.

The decision will come into force on 21 March when it will be officially published.

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The decision of the Bureau of industry and security — Department of the Department of Commerce that deals with trade sanctions against the arms exporters. In 2013, the Bureau concluded that «UkrSpetsExport» supplies of military equipment in some unnamed country, which is included in the list of state sponsors of terrorism prepared by the U.S. Department of state. Such countries in the list now three: Sudan, Syria and Iran.