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The the Montenegrin police seized dozens of Russians from the sect «AUM Shinrikyo»

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The operation of the police of Montenegro was held in two hotels in Danilovgrad and Podgorica. We are talking about hotels «Perjanik» and «Ramadi». There were taken 55 Russians and 5 citizens of Japan. They seized laptops, smartphones, flash drives with data.

Have snachala authorities reported that the operation had a preventive character and they have no suspects. Just came about that in Montenegro, there are groups of foreign nationals who may be involved in attacks in other countries.

According to the newspaper, the police first blocked hotels, and then took them by storm.

As reported after some time, the Montenegrin newspaper «Vijesti», all detainees were members of a religious sect «AUM Shinrikyo». Recall that this sect, based on pseudopodial, considers totalitarian and terrorist. In 1995 10 members of the «AUM Shinrikyo» sprayed fighting poison gas sarin in the Tokyo subway, which killed according to various sources 12-13 people. Also disabled for all life has left dozens of people. Order the gas attack and he was placed personally by the founder of the sect Shoko Asahara, who preached a quick end of the world and demanded to punish the wicked in the last war between «Good and Evil». He was sentenced to death, but the sentence is still not enforceable.

With regard to the detained Russians, it became clear that none of them has anything to do with those events, so they were released.

Now the Russian Embassy in Montenegro, as reported by RIA «Novosti», finds out all circumstances of incident. Yet, they say in the Embassy, it is clear that not all of the 55 detainees were Russians and it is clear that they were all released without any charges.