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The scientists replaced robot hunters

photo: morguefile.com

As have informed «MK» in the laboratory of electromagnetic fields, Institute of oil Geology and Geophysics. A. A. Trofimuk of the RAS, such devices while no one else in the world. The maximum that can «see» Western and Russian counterparts, are objects that are buried no deeper than 17 meters. They are transferred to the computer screen in a very bad quality, blurred. In ipgg found a way to improve the signal coming out of the ground.

The apparatus is a probe portion, resembling a vacuum cleaner with the long handle, and connected to the computer. Data from the depths of the earth are transmitted via built-in Bluetooth on any device in real-time. The 3D picture is formed on the basis of data received on the receiving device in the 14 frequency bands with different depths.

Thanks to the device can successfully locate looted ancient burial places. If before border of the crypts was transferred to the monitor blurred in the range of 1-2 meters, and archaeologists could be wrong with the exact place of excavation, the new «treasure hunt» conveys clear-cut the border of anything: the crypts, buried chests. By the way, it can be used for finding leaks in pipes buried deep under the ground, or underground voids in the preparation of land for capital construction. Experts see objects on the monitors due to the electric resistance, which changes in places hidden accidents.