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The retirement age will not increase: the dispute Kudrin and Uljukaev useless

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

They’re both honest in their own way. And before the election to raise the retirement age honestly before the voters, and after — right to power. But this reminds me of an irrelevant argument between two bald men for a comb. Now to raise the retirement age — not the actual problem. The actual is to output the economy out of recession, and the sharp change of the pension system the economy can only unbalance. This issue can be resolved in the last turn and not all at once. There are different jobs: some don’t want to retire, and saw them off, others are waiting to get rid of your hard work and keep…

— Economic reasons to raise the retirement age before or after the September elections you don’t see, you can do much later?

Of course this is totally pointless. Russia may increase the expenditure side of the budget even to go to the target emission. This does not affect inflation. And in any case it will be better than agitating people who have already sharply reduced revenues and are experiencing social turmoil. Raising the retirement age now will deepen the depression into which people have already fell. When the background of the crisis are going to take and say this, the economic benefits the country will not receive, and psychological damage, and increased depression in society is guaranteed. Now all power rests, thank God, on the President’s approval rating, but depression can strike at him.

— And when the time comes the inevitable increase of the retirement age?

— When the people themselves want to work longer, wants money and does not agree to they were retired. When raising the retirement age will not be an infringement of their rights, and gerania their right to work. It will be at the end of the crisis.