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The «Golden mask» showed regular contenders for the award

Photo: Elena Lekhova

The greatest interest in this reshuffle represented Yekaterinburg. At once three performances from the repertoire of the company put forward by experts in different categories. Most (six!) he had seen the ballet «vain precaution» (another name «the Ballet of straw, or Evil saved daughter»), and no wonder: he delivered the famous ballet by Sergei Vicarium reenactor and the author of idea was Pavel Gershenzon, a great storyteller and lover of «to stir up» exclusive projects.

We have all of the same «reconstruction» to which the Vikharev has long been accustomed to the audience: he reconstructs the play’s choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov’s 1885 and once again drawn to the pre-revolutionary employee records Petipa Nicholas Sergeyev stored in the Theatre collection at Harvard University. But this time not insisting on the authenticity and recognizes that many things he had expanded in the ballet itself. But the most important in the set design of the play (For «Mask» nominated production designer Alyona Pikalova and costume designer Elena Zaitseva) is inspired by the painting by Vincent van Gogh. Too paradoxical idea: to combine the oldest known classical performances, the premiere of which took place two weeks before the storming of the Bastille, with post-impressionism, that is the work of an innovator in art, but the painter of a very different era.

The authors refused to play cost-historic decorations, which have to be used in such reconstructions, and put the performance into the space of a ballet class by August Bournonville: as the introduction to the show called «School dance» give ballet a classic Danish Conservatory for music Pauli, some years present in the repertoire of the Ekaterinburg theatre. That is, take ballet class and warm up before a performance, as expected from Bournonville, and then, in a ballet class, with decorations in haste, are a rehearsal of La Fille Mal Gardee. So what behind the Windows of the Studio one could see fields and vineyards, inspired by the paintings of van Gogh. In suits transferred to the riot of colors of the Dutch painter, depicting in his paintings the beauty of nature French Arles, which is about the place in the South of France, where, in the opinion of the choreographer and his Advisor, the old ballet, which premiered also in the South of France in Bordeaux.

Painting by Dutch post impressionist though it looked a bit weird and paradoxically within the space of classical ballet, but all old the play is not spoiled, only emphasized its plainness and simplicity. But an abundance of much-loved recently Elena Zaitseva black tights and vests among men, in tights, tutus and Pointe shoes in women helped to hide the imperfections of the legs and feet of the artists of the Yekaterinburg theatre.

Vintage mimic the staging and choreography, a part played by Sergeev records, just part of the stylized Vicarium antique, well they convey the atmosphere and charm of this vintage favors, particularly during the final pas de Deux of the Petipa–Gorsky. The other plug Bournonville pas de Deux from «Fair in Bruges» in the 2nd act, at least stylistically and fit into the context of fine lines and «walking» on the advantage of the performance, too, didn’t look too alien.

Photo: Elena Lekhova

Of course, drew attention to the festival and the ballet twice laureate of the «Golden mask», Vyacheslav Samodurov, the Curtain raised to accept the Bolshoi theatre Maria Alexandrova. This time the ballet Samodurov to music by Ottorino Respighi nominated in two major («Best performance», «Best choreographer») and one private («Best female role in ballet») categories. As «vain precaution», he plunges into the mysteries behind the scenes. «Curtain» is not only the name of the ballet, but its main decoration: periodically rising and falling, it divides the lives of dancers on stage and after it. Behind the scenes, which is a big part of the scene, artists are engaged in class and rehearse, periodically falling down from exhaustion. The language of ballet is the same — typically zambrowski: dramatic outline of the intended performance at minimum and pretentious classical movements and postures continue the corporate «tyranny», which is present in almost all his previous productions and is built with a touch of Comedy and impartii.

Plotless ballet «Step Lightly/Careful tread of» famous Dutch choreographers Sex Laputa and Sol Leon in Bulgarian folk music is nominated in only one nomination — «Best performance», and set in the contemporary style, with, however, the basis of classical technique. One of the first collaborative works between two renowned choreographers, made in 1991, was the first staged by the ballets of this creative tandem in Russia. Here the travelers for almost half a year ahead of Great and worked so devotedly, passing style and a unique technique with choreographers, what we can regret the absence of their names in the short list «ZM».

Photo: Elena Lekhova

Of honor to show their performances to the public and the jury «ZM» on the New stage of the Bolshoi was awarded with the Saratov Opera and ballet theatre «Moscow Ballet». Ballets-the nominees of these groups United in one evening in two parts. The famous «Bolshevik» ballet from the Diaghilev repertoire «Steel gallop» (the working title of the ballet was «Urinal» composed of acronyms URSS and the French word «guignol» — «parsley») is shown before intermission, was the first production of this ballet by Prokofiev in Russia with the corps de ballet, depicting workers and workers with proletarian hammers. (Interestingly, the development of this ballet at the time, Diaghilev wanted to draw Meyerhold and Tairov, and choreography Goleizovsky charging, but the result is a formulation with «constructivist» scenery Yakulov has performed Leonid Massine.) Now inherited the Saratov ballet full of grace «factory» stuff» choreographer Kirill Simonov reduced to vague and boring action, in which in sight nothing «proletarian» — on the stage loomed 7 dancers in panties and t-shirts that tried to do the same number of maidens in bombinasco. As boring and vague and appeared to be «performance-aquarelle» (as he called pretentious Directors) «Minos», staged by the Dutch choreographer Juanjo Arques on the ancient Greek myth of Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur. In addition to the dancers, depicting the waves of the characters in this ballet to identify failed absolutely no one. And in terms of choreography the ballet, which I gave: a second-rate European art Nouveau 90-ies of the last century.