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The expert commented on the privatization of state enterprises of Donbass

The demand for domestic enterprises is extremely small because of the crisis in the country, the expert said Vladimir Dubrovsky. Thus, according to him, there are transparent procedures under which the state property can be privatized at reasonable prices.Novosti.dn.ua

KYIV, Mar 15 — RIA Novosti Ukraine. Economist at the Centre for social and economic research CASE Ukraine Vladimir Dubrovsky said that the lack of demand for the shares of state-owned enterprises of Donbass is quite possible.

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«..it is possible that the demand is really sluggish, it is clear that Ukraine is currently not very attractive for investment. Domestically, the crisis, the business has no money. But every product has a buyer. And the question of demand in the economy is usually a question of price», — he noted.

Previously Deputy head of the SPF Natalia Lebed stated that not all facilities subject to privatization, there is a demand, and the budget does not provide funds for the payment of the consultants ‘ work on disclosure of government assets for potential investors.