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The ex-wife of ISIL leader al-Baghdadi told why she left her husband

«He loved children, – quotes the words of Expressen Dulaimi. He was their idol. He was a great man in this respect, although my relationship with him had no such depth.» According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, she did not love her husband, whom she married long before the bloody events in Syria and the proclamation on its territory and the territory of neighboring Iraq a «Caliphate». «No, I didn’t love it – said the woman. – You could not have a normal conversation. In the evening, when he came home, we usually just have dinner together.»

«He didn’t say much about their origin, says Dulaimi. – He was very mysterious and very taciturn. We met in the evening for dinner. He spent all his time at the University, where he taught religion and Sharia. Sometimes he would disappear for a few days.» Dulaimi does not give details of life with al-Baghdadi, stressing that their relationship was «superficial».

Dulaimi married the future head of the IG in 2008, after her first husband, who worked as a bodyguard for Saddam Hussein, died. The woman said that was not happy with al-Baghdadi and the wife left when worn at the heart of a child because their marriage displeased his first wife. «I was in the second month, but none of us knew about it – she said to journalists. And I left it. Yes, you can say that I ran away. But I didn’t have anything to do with it, as a person. I was not happy. It was extremely unfair to his first wife. She was very upset. That’s why I left.»

«The last conversation with him I had in 2009, recalls Dulaimi. He asked me if I wanted to go back to him. But I’ve decided. He said I can leave at home Hagar (the daughter of al-Baghdadi – «MK»), if I will not marry again. He wanted to bring her back, if I will marry again». Now Hagar is living with his mother in Lebanon, where they had fled from Syria. There Dulaimi long time spent in prison for charges in connection with the group «Front EN-Nusra» (banned in Russia). Now Dulaimi with her daughter is going to move to Europe. However, in what kind of country wants to go the former wife of the leader of one of the bloodiest terrorist groups together with the daughter, is unclear.

Dulaimi doesn’t mince words when it comes to IG. She calls them terrorists and calls al-Baghdadi as their leader. «It is murder, blood and violence, she says, commenting on the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels. – As a mother, I consider what they do terrorism.»

Experts doubt that the heroine of the material Expressen telling the truth. As noted by the American newspaper the New York Times citing a well-known expert on ISIS will Mccants, al-Baghdadi is just two wife is his cousin ASMA Fawzi Mohammed al-Isra ‘ and Kubaisi Rajab al-Qaisi. The third is not known.