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The EU had no time to think about its citizens

Political scientist Valery Ostalep believes that the EU itself «dug a hole for themselves», not protect its own citizens from the results of their short-sighted foreign policy decisions, as well as from the uncontrolled flow of migrants.

Columnist Sputnik commented on a number of issues associated with the explosions in Brussels.

The current explosions are of a symbolic nature. They were produced in the heart of the capital of the European Union, in close proximity to key buildings of the European institutions. The terrorists are trying, apparently, to show that the EU does not control anything.

The EU as an effective structure to develop its members, ceased to exist. Because the European bureaucracy and diplomacy has led to the fact that the EU in matters peculiar to him and not interfere in issues which are not ready. The European institutions have completely forgotten about the national interests of their countries. This could not end with a catastrophe that we are experiencing today.

More, the EU is hurting its economy, and everyone knows it. Brussels is losing huge financial resources it is unclear what and why. This applies to sanctions against Russia and other issues. The EU Eastern partnership deals, funding foreign projects… When to think about its citizens?!

How Brussels is trying to resolve the issue of migrants, says about the ineffectiveness of the EU in principle. In addition, it is not necessary to be a diplomat to understand that when the whole North of Africa was destroyed with the direct participation of EU countries, people from there, plus people from Afghanistan and Pakistan, will swing in Europe, where living conditions are better.

Migrants allowed into the EU without any supervision. At the same time, it was initially clear that among these people there will be those who will get involved in illicit Affairs. Also for some reason no one remembered that the war that we call civilization, is in full swing.

Western countries, including the EU, were among the authors of the Syrian crisis. They shouldn’t have to demand the change of leadership in Damascus, to make a categorical statement. It was extremely unprofessional approach. It is over, we know.

Now borders has closed. Apparently, for a while. I think that in the near future will take place any meeting and the announcement that there is a war with terrorism and we all have to resist it. We heard repeatedly. In fact, nothing will happen. And there will be new explosions. Because the EU has lost vigilance, swollen with fat and not thinking. Now the most vulnerable countries – France and Belgium. But I think that explosions can be expected in the other EU member States.

The opinion of the author may not necessarily reflect those of the editorial Board.