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The Cabinet instructed the foreign Ministry to hire lawyers to protect at the suit of the Russian Federation

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a decree «About application of the negotiated procurement procedure,» to protect the country’s interests in court dispute on the debt to Russia to $ 3 billion.RIA Novosti Ukraine

KIEV, Mar 9 — RIA Novosti Ukraine. The Cabinet of Ministers has authorized the Ministry of foreign Affairs (MFA) to find lawyers to protect the interests of the country in a dispute regarding debt to Russia to $ 3 billion. This is stated in the corresponding order on the government website.RIA Novosti Ukraine Evgeniy Suslov Kamenkovicha about the prospect and the possible outcomes of the court of the debt of Ukraine of the Russian Federation

«To ensure adequate and effective protection of the rights and interests of Ukraine in the case on the lawsuit of the company «Law Debenture Trust Corporation P. L. C.» in the interests of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in Ukraine about the state debt of Ukraine adopted the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine «On the application of the negotiation procedure of procurement», — stated in the message.

«The document envisages to allow the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine to purchase of legal services in accordance with paragraph 7 of part two of article 39 of the Law of Ukraine «On state procurement», — said in the Cabinet.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in December 2013 bought at the expense of means FNB of two-year Ukrainian Eurobonds at a rate of 5% per annum. Ukraine regularly served this duty until December 2015, when Kiev imposed a moratorium on the payment of the last coupon to $ 75 million and the repayment of the principal amount of the debt. The Ukrainian government has offered Russia to participate in the debt restructuring on the same basis as the other holders of commercial releases of Eurobonds of the country.