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Russian scientists have discovered mutations that lead to skin cancer

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In the study, the researchers focused on mutations that occur in cancer cells in basal cell carcinoma – type of cancer among the risk factors which is called, including the presence of freckles and sunburns. As it turned out, 80 percent of the cases, these mutations can trigger the development of other types of cancer. Including talking about the elements of the signaling pathway Sonic Hedgehog (SHH), which affects the development of cells during embryonic development and the emergence of tissues and organs in left or right orientation, reports lenta.ru.

Experts analyzed sample of 293 tumor tissues from 236 patients and compared the mutations characteristic for different types of the disease. Primarily scholars interested in 387 genes, some of which could contribute to basal cell carcinoma development and tumor resistance to treatment. In respect of Rada genes that suspicion was confirmed. Some of them were way controlled the gene SHH, and others has shaped the way Hippo-YAP. Also the attention of specialists was attracted by the fact that in cells infected basal carcinoma, exceeded the protein N-Myc.

The study, according to scientists, will help to better understand why 50 per cent of cases, the tumor tissue does not respond to medical treatment or produces to him stability – previously been able to explain only a part of such cases. In the future this information may be useful when searching for more effective treatments.