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RCDS opened a case after ramming the Crimean bridge the cargo ship, the ship arrested

photo: kremlin.ru

The incident occurred on Saturday, March 19. Turkish ship at a speed of about 7 knots too close to a work bridge No. 2 in district 19 of the buoy on the East side of the channel. The captain tried to manoeuvre, however, he did not succeed. The cargo ship rammed the bridge under construction, which is used for auxiliary purposes. The main impact of the collision fell on the prop No. 80, in the emergency it was completely destroyed, two more bearings — No. 79 and No. 81 — was damaged.

At present the Lira is located in the port city of Taganrog. Source TASS in the Maritime services in the region reported that the crew tried to cover up the accident.

«In the afternoon of March 20… port staff inspected the «lyre» and noticed traces of fresh paint on Board. So the sailors were trying to hide traces of collision with pole…. The ship itself is old — more than 30 years,» said the source.

According to Rosmorrechflot, the arbitration court of Rostov region has decided to ban the exit of the Taganrog port of the vessel responsible for the collision with the Crimean bridge under construction, RIA Novosti reported.

«The captain of the seaport of Taganrog prohibited release from the port the cargo ship «Lyra», — told the Agency, adding that the bridge construction does not interfere with the passage of vessels, therefore, this fact cannot serve as a justification for the captain of the cargo ship.

«TFR opened a criminal case into the incident…also, the case about the legality of actions of the vessel will be considered in the Arbitration court», — said a source in law enforcement bodies.

However, the incident will not have a significant impact on the construction of a bridge to Crimea. As confirmed in the information center «Crimean bridge», the construction period will not be changed.

«Currently the contractor estimates the damage caused as a result of naval ship «Lyra» on the supports of a temporary work bridge No. 2, which is being built between the island of Tuzla and the fairway… On the timing of construction of the main bridge incident will not affect», — stated in the message.