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Ninja pervert is terrorizing Americans

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

In January 2014 the state police Philadelphia threw all their forces to catch the man who… raped cheese and offered the women money so they admired it. And maniac were strict culinary tastes — he preferred solely Swiss cheese, and, according to some Internet users, did you have intercourse with the milk product is not the first year.

However, not a single cheese weirdos live in different countries. For example, the Tokyo Metropolitan police in January 2014 it was succeeded to detain the fetishist, which traded in thefts…worn women’s shoes from Nightclubs. He picked it up for myself, getting pleasure from it, and reached in this matter considerable success, for their «career» by stealing 450 pairs of worn shoes. However, in Japan this is not the first such incident: one day the guards «the land of the rising sun» caught the maniac, who stole only women’s shoes on the left leg. Another Japanese fetishist went even further: he was stealing socks teen girls.

However, it is systematic. But it also happens that a passion for inanimate objects in the man wakes up suddenly. In may 2014 it happened to 49-year-old resident of Tennessee Harriers Hutton. The man simply drank in the bar — but at some point strong in his blood exceeded all reasonable limits, and Hutton strongly wanted to have sex. Without thinking, he took off his pants and tried to rape…ATM. Administration of the bar, predictably, called the police, who arrived at the scene police found the brawler roaming the bar and waving their own dignity. Hatton was taken outside and asked to calm down and sat at the table. However, the resourceful brawler was not taken aback, and tried to rape her and this piece of furniture. In the end the adventures of Hutton turned to him with a fine of $ 250 for indecent behavior in public places and a barrage of jokes on the Internet.

Expert commentary

Alexander FIELD, sexologist: «when a person has sex with the head cheese, or Windows and doors that are not related to sexology. Such a strange predilection suggests that man has a special relationship with these objects but disorder them is not sexual, and mental nature. And sexual preferences of mentally ill people, it is not difficult to guess, can be endlessly surprising».