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Minsk demanded a decrease in the price of Russian gas by 42%

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

«Novak said that the price will be based on the contract, because oil prices have dropped, explained «MK» Director of energy development Fund Sergey Pikin. – We know that the price of gas pegged to the oil basket is calculated for the last 9 months. During this period, the oil basket and oil prices slumped. Thus the estimated contract price for gas also fell and now stands at slightly less than $ 180. Do not think that «Gazprom» suddenly, and took his master’s shoulder, dramatically reduced the price. This is what was supposed to happen. Another thing is that and this price does not fully meet Ukraine. They expect that they will be able to buy gas from European traders at the price of 160-170 dollars per thousand cubic meters. For the price of «Gazprom» was absolutely competitive, it is necessary that the government again intervened and reduced the export duty, so the total price was less, as was the quality of the offer in the first quarter. But even this price was not satisfactory for Ukraine, «Naftogaz» because he bought even cheaper than offered by Gazprom.

The analyst also commented on the statement of Belarusian Prime Minister: «This is the normal position of the Belarusians. They at every opportunity try to lobby for preferences in the oil and gas sector the price of gas, all export duties on oil products».

«The prices of petroleum products decreased, in accordance with the previous accounting period, therefore, decreased and the price of gas for Ukraine, — said the «MK» the Deputy Director General for gas problems national energy security Fund Alexei Grivach. – I think it is unlikely that Ukraine will buy gas from Russia. First of all, there is no need now to buy imported gas, because the heating season is now virtually completed. The demand for gas in Ukraine is seriously undermined by the economic crisis, the state of the economy and high gas prices for the population. In the period between the heating season Ukraine does not need gas to cover current needs. The gas needed to purchase to upload it for the coming heating season, but in Ukraine a difficult financial situation. In addition, we understand that the only source is loans from international financial institutions, as they are interested in the money in the case of the provision were used to purchase gas to European traders who earn money by reselling gas to Ukraine. The probability that the purchase of Russian gas will resume in the second quarter, minimum.»