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Mildronate can stay home by all the Russian athletes

photo: morguefile.com

I am not supporter of conspiracy theories. Always believed: we must find the problem in themselves. Someone we have done just that, someone-no. And «they» were looking for in our athletes. And found what I was looking for. Mildronate, which has just entered into a huge doping family.

This drug – whether a harmless reducing agent or not – could be our an undertaker. Of course, not all sports and not all starts. But Rio de Janeiro is under threat not only for athletes.

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Remember the main accusation which was shown in the first film-exposing? – State support of doping. What we think and how things actually – now no longer a question.

Then there were the first voice: why only athletes excluded? We must not allow the Olympics to all the sports Federation.

In the report of the independent Commission Wade at a press conference in Geneva mentioned were Games in Sochi (today is the attack of the Olympic and purity checks), and «bugs» in the doping laboratory, and the representatives of the FSB, who put «pressure» on official inspection of the structure. The main idea is that multi-tiered system, how to hide doping, well known to the Ministry of sports.

Head of the Commission of athletes vada canadian Becky Scott (Olympic champion in ski racing) told me that it is referred to the athletes with the question: why an international framework to analyze only the situation in athletics?

«As if we are at a crossroads. I feel that a large number of athletes are now looking at us and waiting. And we ask you to consider the interests of these athletes and consider all sport».

It was a trial balloon. WADA President Craig reedy, however, said that the facts provide an opportunity to talk about the situation with athletics. But he also noted that «the public requires more investigation». The public – she is.

We all knew it. And what attention is and will be, and what statistics exist – drugs who like to apply the countries of the former USSR, «in pencil» for a long time. And that be substituted in any sport are not eligible. And about the ill-fated «vitamins for heart» – that Mildronate also knew that a no-no from the first of January. You can’t.

Why did all this happen? With the top athletes, with the winners of the district competitions. If you can’t, but really want to, you can?

To enter into polemics is harmless if a drug is useless. And is it fair on the list of prohibited. With whom to join? With Wade, which he had forbidden, and not on the sly, and, as expected, saying it all at once?

The question of the Holocaust, in fact, only one. Took our athletes Mildronate, as askorbinku (as Yevgeny Plushenko decided to call it), historically, and happily they were. And, that is, on health. With a small, but crucial of all, a clarification: as long as he was allowed.

But why continue to accept, when it was banned?

Olympic champion in short track semen Elistratov and five-time world champion skater Pavel Kulizhnikov has ordered an autopsy doping samples B. Refused it Katya Bobrova. And the volleyball player of Russian national team Alexander Markin refused. Because the team «Dynamo» in December ( and his prohibition became known in the autumn) took the drug course, but the doping test was taken on January 9 at the gathering.

No more words. You just want to scream. Or cry – depends on temperament.