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Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 performed by Wheelsandmore


Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 coupe with eight-cylinder engine and twin-turbocharged, designed by engineers of the German company as a direct competitor to the BMW X6. Despite the fact that the X6 model quite successfully found its niche on the world market, the sale GLE 63 Coupe picks up the pace, and auto increasingly exposed to various kinds of modifications in the tuning shop. The other day a German company Wheelsandmore has taken the GLE 63 in his Studio, providing her an impressive set of upgrades.

To begin with, the staff Wheelsandmore Mercedes slightly altered: «dressed» in winter matte grey outfit with black stripes in the center and «pereobuli» in a set of alloy wheels 6Sporz ultra-light. The car started to look a bit more imposing and interesting, although the main purpose of masters was completely different.

The German company has created for the GLE 63 four tuning kit, each of which enhances engine performance SUV. The first set involves the installation of new air filters F1 and chip tuning. This stage raises the bar power a car with 557 to 600 HP, and torque from 700 to 850 Nm. The second set includes additional installation of sports catalysts and increases the power up to 670 HP is the Third stage of tuning called «Seven-11″ lift factory performance GLE 63 143 HP and 400nm, giving a total of 700 HP and 1100 Nm.

The fourth level of tuning with an explosive called «BIGBANG» will increase characteristics of Mercedes to a record: 792 HP and 1150 Nm of torque. With such data, despite its decent weight, the car accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and a top speed Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 is electronically limited for safety reasons at 300 km/h.