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Medvedev raised the minimum wage and called the return period the full indexation of pensions

Photo: government.ru

«United Russia» has started the program with which the party will go on elections. At the forum in St. Petersburg discussed the most important part of social policy.

«I am confident that in this election campaign the winner is the one whose social policies more suited to the needs of the people,» he stressed, addressing the delegates, Dmitry Medvedev. Proposals were accepted in four areas — family support, the older generation, the disabled, and the improvement of the situation on the labour market. Naturally, it raised the United Russia much. But in the end were forced to adjust their electoral appetites with the possibilities of the budget, which, as recalled by the party leader, the current situation is severely limited.

Dmitry Medvedev in his speech summed up inner-party discussion on increasing the minimum wage (SMIC). This question, according to him, very sensitive. (Even on the forum, delegates were urged to show that Russia is a great country, which is a shame to have a minimum salary lower than Vietnam).

People at meetings often wonder why minimum wage is so different from a living wage. And how you can live on the government 6204 ruble? Initially, United Russia has proposed to raise the minimum wage to 90% of the regional minimum subsistence level.

However, as explained Deputy Secretary of the General Council Andrei Isayev Edra, in financial-economic bloc of the government, these initiatives were met with sour faces. Dmitry Medvedev at the forum announced a compromise reached: from July 1, 2016, the minimum wage is proposed to increase to 7,5 thousand rbl. Is, of course, is not quite what you would like United Russia. But, because the subsistence level has previously been reduced to 9452 rubles, the difference between the minimum wage and, indeed, significantly reduced (earlier it was 3469 rubles, will now be 1952 rubles). With the help of simple manipulations with numbers — in one place everything that a friend has added to United Russia will partly be able to answer the aspirations of the voters.

In addition, the party plans to encroach on the Holy of holies — the salaries of top managers of state companies. This theme in one form or another rises since 2009. Now the government is considering it in the context of the growing disparity of average wage, which, according to Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, is a threat to social welfare of the country. According to last year’s report of one large Corporation — income members of its management Board amounted to 3.5 billion rubles, of them wages — almost 700 million roubles, the prize is 2 billion and nearly 850 million rubles other types of remuneration…

Dmitry Medvedev began by saying that now you have to save on everything — including fiscal spending and the state apparatus, and therefore the top management of state-owned companies should not be an exception. «I think that the amount of their premiums and bonuses should depend on the profits of companies. If the profit is there — there may be a prize, it is necessary to limit the salaries as it is accepted all over the world,» said the LADIES. However, no specific proposals, for example, legislation to limit bonuses to a specific percentage of the profit is still there. The Prime Minister has asked United Russia party members to read the forum.

Another sensitive issue that cannot be bypassed in the election program, — retired. The overall message has not changed — party members to demand a re-index in July 2016. Dmitry Medvedev said that the government will consider the issue in the first half taking into account the situation in the economy. But appeared and something new. Such a party, «United Russia», according to the LADIES, should not live only for today, but also to see the future. «Let’s work together to restore the indexation of pensions in full in 2017!» under the applause the Prime Minister said.