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«Medical landing» in the region of a new outbreak of Ebola

Guinea has been declared free of the Ebola virus on 29 December last year. But 2.5 months later in the South-East of this country have been registered several cases of Ebola. Who responded immediately.

In a village near the city Karapara (Koropara), which is 1 000 km on Southeast from the capital of Guinea Conakry (Conakry, Guinea), for several days in a row were 4 registered deaths from the virus Ebola. All the dead were members of the same family.

After local doctors informed about new outbreak of Ebola, the headquarters of the world health organization (who), its leaders decided to immediately send to the region a special medical team, consisting of experienced virologists, and specialists in contact tracing of patients.

In this case the who is concerned that the circumstances of infection of several members of the same family have remained unidentified.

Previously, scientists studying the Ebola virus, warned that after the termination of the epidemic potential of repeated sporadic outbreaks caused by fever. After the official announcement of the end of the epidemic virus of Ebola in West Africa has been a local outbreak in Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone).

In addition to the secondment of a group of specialists to Guinea, the who guidelines have also adopted the decision to send medical troops to the African island nation of Cape Verde, which is located 620 kilometres off the West coast of Africa.

In this case, increased anxiety who caused a sharp increase in the incidence of zika fever. During the first week of March in Cape Verde were registered 33 cases of this disease, and since October 21 last year, the total number of Cape verdeans, virus infected Zeke is already nearly 7 500 people.