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Maintain Economy ― the Week of Central banks and financial turbulence

While in global Affairs do not draw new contours of the world, but rather encircle the «fat» old, but the tension only increases, these same passions seethe in the global economy and financial markets. About it says economic analyst Alexei Bobrovsky in the program «Replica».

The planet is walking a monetary relay. Tone asked the European Central Bank last week. So Yes, that all still wondering: what was it? On Wednesday all attention on the speech of U.S. fed.

This week was very eventful in the sense of macroeconomic events. Suffice it to say that within five working days of their decision on interest rates had to accept and will accept the Bank of Japan, Bank of England, the Central banks of Indonesia, South Africa and Mexico. After enchanting performance last week, the ECB — and still all wondering: what was it? — now on the first track, will perform the U.S. fed. It will happen today. As they say in telebanco, don’t miss out!

Ah, it’s only the year press conference Prime Minister of China Li Keqiang at the conclusion of the regular session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives.

Well, on Friday we watch «the agony» of our Central Bank. About the «torment» of course, I’m kidding, but what will our Central Bank and the Central banks that their meetings have not yet spent, will become clear only tomorrow, when the markets are aware of everything written in the statement of the Committee on open market operations and press conferences by the fed chair Janet Yellen. What would the others say, for us it is an important meeting. It is unlikely that the fed will do something abruptly, despite promises 4 times this year to raise rates.

The March meeting, I wonder what it will be published economic forecasts, and at the rate it did in the fed since December. In the fed made it clear that I do not live in a vacuum, but carefully watching not only for his beloved star-spangled economy, but also for what’s happening in the world, although even among members of the fed have the typical American «hawks» who make it clear that it is possible to tighten and monetary policy, i.e. here and do not care at all.

It is important to note that the American Central Bank is trying to control the value of the dollar, but now it is not clear what need the dollar: weak or strong. But this fact is interesting in the sense that the U.S. Central Bank, in fact, has more than two mandates: not only price stability and job market! As for how the dollar will be? It’s a year of big politics in the United States — to harm American manufacturers, especially those engaged in processing and working on the export, strengthening the dollar… well, it would be nettle turn. Donald trump loses the competition and she really wants to, won the election of the President, to initiate an audit of the us Central Bank. So there is no policy and no cost.

We can only hope that the fed will extend a pause in raising interest rates. Then the Russian Central Bank could try to downgrade your bet, about a possible lowering of which say it all: from the Ministry of Finance to economic development. We are still in search of the bottom of our economy and still try to give at least moral obligations to our regulator. Now will be extremely important to use to his advantage this pause which has arisen in view of the rebound in oil prices, and neurasthenia the fed’s monetary policy.