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Maintain Economy ― Medvedev has approved a list of purchases from small businesses

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev approved the list of 90 companies, who are obliged to purchase innovative and high-tech products from small and medium-sized businesses. The corresponding order published Thursday on the website of the Cabinet.

In the list «Gazprom», Russian Railways, Aeroflot, Rostelekom, «FGC UES», «ALROSA», RusHydro and others.

«Signed by order approved the list of specific legal entities that are obliged to buy such products from small and medium-sized businesses,» — said in the explanatory note to the document, reports TASS.

The list formed on the basis of proposals submitted by joint-stock companies with state participation, state corporations, government companies and Federal state unitary enterprises implementing innovative development programmes.

APPROVED by the decree of the government of the Russian Federation of 21 March 2016, No. 475-R


specific legal entities that are obliged to procure innovative products, high-tech products, including small and medium-sized businesses

1. Joint stock company «research and production Corporation «Uralvagonzavod» named after F. E. Dzerzhinsky», Nizhny Tagil

2. State company «Russian automobile roads», Moscow

3. Public joint-stock company «Gazprom», Moscow

4. Public joint stock company «Federal grid company of Unified energy system», Moscow

5. Public joint stock company long-distance and international electric communication «Rostelecom», St. Petersburg

6. Public joint stock company «Aeroflot — Russian airlines», Moscow

7. Joint-stock company «ALROSA» (open joint stock company), city of peace

8. Open joint stock company «Russian Railways», Moscow

9. Public joint stock company «Russian grids», Moscow

10. Joint-stock company «Leningrad Northern factory», St. Petersburg

11. Joint-stock company «Ufa scientific-production enterprise «Molniya», Ufa

12. Open joint-stock company «Zagorsky optical-mechanical plant», Sergiev Posad

13. Joint-stock company «the State optical Institute named after S. I. Vavilov», St. Petersburg

14. Joint stock company «shvabe — Research», Moscow

15. Joint stock company «shvabe — defense and Protection», Novosibirsk

16. Joint stock company «Vologda optical and mechanical plant», Vologda

17. Open joint stock company «Scientific-production Association «State Institute of applied optics», Kazan

18. Public joint stock company «Krasnogorsk plant them. S. A. Zvereva», Krasnogorsk

19. Open joint stock company «shvabe — Photosystem», Moscow

20. Joint stock company «shvabe — Fotopribor», Moscow

21. Joint stock company «Scientific research Institute «Polyus» them. M. F. Stelmakh», Moscow

22. Joint stock company «shvabe — Devices», Novosibirsk

23. Joint-stock company «lytkarinsky factory of optical glass», city Lytkarino

24. Joint stock company «Concern «Automatics», Moscow

25. Joint-stock company «Central design Bureau for marine engineering «Rubin», St. Petersburg

26. Joint stock company «Production Association «Northern machine-building enterprise», Severodvinsk

27. The limited liability company «Scientific-research Institute of transport of oil and oil products Transneft», Moscow

28. Public joint stock company «Federal hydro-generator company — RusHydro», Krasnoyarsk

29. Joint stock company «Zarubezhneft», Moscow

30. Open joint stock company «Russian concern producing electrical and thermal energy at nuclear power plants», Moscow

31. Joint stock company Atomstroyexport, Moscow

32. Joint-stock company «Center of technology of shipbuilding and ship repair», St. Petersburg

33. Open joint stock company Nizhny Novgorod scientific research Institute of machine-building materials «Prometey», Nizhny Novgorod

34. Open joint stock company «Plant «Burevestnik», Gatchina

35. Joint stock company «Ryazan State instrument plant», Ryazan

36. Joint-stock company «Corporation «Strategic points of control», Moscow

37. Joint-stock company «Central design Bureau «Geophysics» Krasnoyarsk

38. Joint-stock company «Central design Bureau of transport engineering», Tver

39. Joint-stock company «Special design Bureau of fire-fighting equipment», Torzhok

40. Joint-stock company «order of red banner of Labor scientific research Institute of automatic equipment n. a. academician V. S. Semenikhin», Moscow

41. Joint stock company «Concern «Systemprom», Moscow

42. Public joint stock company «Institute of electronic control machines them. I. S. brook», Moscow

43. Joint stock company «Scientific research Institute for synthetic fibre with a pilot plant», Tver

44. Open joint stock company «Altai instrument factory Rotor, Barnaul

45. Open joint stock company «Concern «research-and-production Association «Avrora», Saint-Petersburg

46. Joint-stock company «NPO Energomash named after academician V. P. Glushko», Khimky

47. Open joint stock company «Concern Kalashnikov, Izhevsk

48. Joint-stock company of «Izhevsk mechanical plant», Izhevsk

49. Joint-stock company «Central scientific-research Institute of precision engineering», Klimovsk

50. Public joint stock company «RAO Energy system of East», Khabarovsk

51. Joint stock company «far Eastern generating company», Khabarovsk

52. Public joint stock company «far Eastern energy company», Vladivostok

53. Joint stock company «far-Eastern distribution grid company», Blagoveshchensk

54. Public joint-stock company of power and electrification «Kamchatskenergo», Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

55. Public joint-stock company of power and electrification «Magadanenergo», Magadan

56. Public joint stock company «Yakutskenergo», Yakutsk

57. Open joint-stock company of power and electrification «Sakhalinenergo», Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

58. Joint stock company «of Rumania’s largest banks», Yakutsk

59. Joint-stock company «Chukotenergo», Anadyr

60. «Joint-stock company East transport energy company», Moscow

61. Open joint-stock company «Central research technological Institute «Technomash», Moscow

62. Joint stock company «Scientific research Institute of microelectronic devices «Progress», Moscow

63. Joint stock company «research Institute of semiconductor devices», Tomsk

64. Open joint stock company «research and production enterprise «pulsar», Moscow

65. Open joint-stock company «Central research Institute «Electron», St. Petersburg

66. Order of honour of the open joint-stock company «remote Control», Nalchik

67. Joint stock company «Scientific-production enterprise «Istok» named after A. I. Shokin», city Fryazino

68. Joint-stock company «research Institute of gas discharge devices «Plasma», Ryazan

69. Joint-stock company «Special design Bureau of computer technology», Pskov

70. Federal state unitary enterprise «Scientific-manufacturing enterprise «Thorium», Moscow

71. Open joint-stock company «Corporation «Tactical missiles», Korolev,

72. Open joint stock company «Oil company «Rosneft», Moscow

73. Joint stock company «Scientific and production Association «Pribor», Moscow

74. Joint stock company «Scientific-production Association «Basalt», Moscow

75. Joint stock company «Federal research and production center «Scientific research Institute of applied chemistry», Sergiev Posad

76. Joint stock company «Scientific-research engineering Institute», Balashikha

77. Joint-stock company «Krasnoarmeysk research Institute of mechanization», Krasnoarmeysk

78. Joint stock company «State scientific research Institute «Kristall», Dzerzhinsk

79. Joint stock company «Murom apparatus producing plant», Murom

80. Joint stock company «research Institute of polymeric materials», Perm

81. Joint stock company «research Institute of electronic instruments», Novosibirsk

82. Joint stock company «Scientific and research technological Institute named after P. I. Snegireva», Zheleznodorozhny

83. Joint stock company «Scientific-production enterprise «Krasnoznamenets», St. Petersburg

84. Joint stock company «Production Association «Plant named after Sergo», Zelenodolsk

85. Joint stock company «Scientific-production Association «Search», village of Murino, Leningrad region

86. Joint-stock company «Chemical plant «Planta», Nizhny Tagil

87. Open joint-stock company «Kemerovo mechanical plant», Kemerovo

88. Public joint stock company «interregional distribution grid company of Centre and Volga region», Nizhny Novgorod

89. Public joint stock company «Moscow United electric grid company», Moscow

90. Joint stock company «Tyumenenergo». Surgut