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Maintain Economy ― Firtash: Ukraine put under external control

US senators John McCain and Chris Murphy are in the presence of various Ukrainian leaders on the Maidan in Kiev, December 15 2013 Photo: Gleb garanich / Reuters

Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash declared that the US «has put Ukraine under external control» and «made her a pauper». Over the past two years, the government of Ukraine has clearly demonstrated its inability to rule the country.

About this Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash said in an interview to Bloomberg in Vienna. The company is headed by Firtash Group DF, which unites the chemical, energy, media and agricultural assets in Austria, Hungary, and Ukraine and in Switzerland.

«Today it is obvious that the current government of Ukraine is a political bankrupt. This is not an option. This government has nothing to expect. It showed itself in two years, is absolutely clear and has led the country to disaster. Further their presence in the government only aggravate the situation. They in these two years had the opportunity to show themselves. They have shown that they are incompetent, helpless and in addition PR to do anything they can’t. They are dependent, they cannot make the right decisions.

I’m not satisfied with how today actually is arranged for external control of Ukraine. I don’t like that the Americans control the Ukraine. Perhaps Americans believe themselves to be smart. But Ukraine is an independent state. And I wish Ukraine was ruled by Ukrainians.

As shown by the last two years, Ukraine today is not a successful project, America has not coped with this task. It is any decision made battlefield, it destroys all. Economically and politically, and practically made the country poor. This is not the first such situation. Let’s look at Syria and Ukraine – the handwriting is the same.»

In another part of the interview to the «Bloomberg» Firtash asked about his allegedly held negotiations with the FBI:

Question: do you think what is the purpose of the USA, seeking your extradition?

Dmitry Firtash: I’m not at war with the United States of America. This is not a war with the state. It is a struggle with certain officials in the government of the United States of America, who built a bad strategy regarding Ukraine and today this strategy until the end of protect and try to «sell» their bad actions.

Question: We talked to your business partners in Russia. They think you’re being a coward and told the FBI about your business, about your partners in Russia in exchange for refusal of the U.S. demands extradition.

Dmitry Firtash: I think it’s an absolute lie. First of all, I never met with the FBI. I never did not communicate with them, and what we have with them conversation to take place could not. I think, in General, their main task was to remove me from the country. Because they are not satisfied, what position I took regarding Ukraine and what should be Ukraine.

Question: Your business partners in Russia believe that the FBI is more interested in questions about Russia: how exactly does «Gazprom», the nuances of Russian-Ukrainian relations in the field of gas supply and so on. Isn’t that true?

Dmitry Firtash: It is an absolute lie. Someone just likes to tell stories, because it’s absolute nonsense. First, I have nothing to tell. And secondly, I didn’t tell anyone because I have nothing to tell.

It is worth noting that regardless, if met Dmitry Firtash with representatives of the FBI and «merge» any secrets or no, his interviewer, is one of the leading correspondents of the TV channel «Bloomberg» — Ryan Chilcoat (Ryan Chilcote) — literally out of the blue «confusing evidence», constantly asking questions on behalf of some «Russian business partners».

The correspondent of the «Bloomberg» first Ukrainian businessman asks about why the USA is trying to extradite him, and then tells of some of the sources reporting on his talks with the FBI, in which Firtash allegedly in exchange for «information leak» promised not to seek his extradition. At the end of the conversation with other leading Ryan Chilcoat says:

«The U.S. attempts to reach Firtash were actually caused by the desire to get to close to Russian President Vladimir Putin businessmen, and perhaps until President Putin to dig up some «dirt» on them and find «skeletons in the closet». Firtash said that he had not provided them with any «dirt».