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Maintain Economy ― 3 the argument of skeptics about the collapse of Europe

We are witnessing a historical event, or rather the process of a great transformation to our neighbors. Everything goes to the fact that old Europe will order to live long. At least in its current form. And tourists from around the world will be taken once a quiet and comfortable corner of the earth as a restless place. About it says in the program «Replica» economic observer Alexander Kireevskii.

Respectively, and the single currency will not be so attractive to investors from around the world. The European welfare ceases to reproduce itself. By the way, with a barren old woman compared Europe by none other than the Pope. He did it at the end of 2014, speaking in the European Parliament. For which he received in his address expressed displeasure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. I wanted to say, what he wanted the Pontiff to warn the inhabitants of the Old world? Of course, the head of the Catholic Church cannot help but see the negative trend in European life, which in the near future can lead to big problems on the continent. The case may even result in the collapse of the European Union. At least so says one of the most authoritative German editions — magazine «der Spiegel».

We are talking about a possible British exit from the EU, which in the worst scenario, could start a chain reaction of collapse. The journal encourages the Europeans to part with some illusions that prevent to look confidently to the future. First, was the unobtainable goal of strengthening and deepening the integration between the European peoples, dreamed about even the founding fathers of a United Europe since 1957. Now, on the contrary the process of disintegration. The dream of Europe without borders is now in a fog due to the influx of refugees. Schengen under threat.

Secondly, the use of rampant expansion of the EU was doubtful. After the 2008 crisis, from which Europe has not fully recovered until now, tensions have increased between the rich centre and poor periphery. Between the North and the South. Even in the corridors of the European Commission began to talk about «Imperial stress». This historic term refers to a difficult period in the life of empires, when too quickly seize other people’s land and don’t have time to «digest».

Well, the third argument in favour of eurosceptics is the Europe is no longer controlled by Europeans. Bureaucrats in Brussels have seized too much power. While they promised peace, prosperity and wealth, the people bore it. Now these benefits are under threat, so populists and nationalists are becoming increasingly popular. This, according to the magazine «der Spiegel», leads to the fact that Europe is now in one of the most difficult and crucial periods in its history. And it’s not just possible British exit from the EU. It seems that all of the current construction of a United Europe requires changes. To maintain the current high quality of life need a radical restructuring of the entire economy of Europe.

And the fact that she has issues, admitted last week European Parliament President Martin Schulz. He stated that the economy is moving in the right direction, but very slowly, and there are a number of issues that are silenced. This is a huge investment gap: lack of 300 billion euros per year in the whole European Union. Huge unemployment, especially among young people. Growing crimes in the tax sphere. What exacerbates the situation so difficult with the replenishment of the budgets. And they are chronically scarce. And this shortage is growing steadily. Even the richest EU members, except Germany, violating the stability Pact, which limits the excess of income over expenditure 3% of GDP. Simply put, many of the rich States of Europe in debt as in silks. Out of them there is no possibility in the foreseeable future.

President Francois Hollande said that France was in an extraordinary economic situation. First of all he was referring to the situation on the labour market. After all, he promised his voters to make the fight against unemployment the priority of his activity. So far, it seems that the struggle has not worked. And here on this background, on the continent arrives million migrants, half of whom could take jobs from native citizens. This can lead to serious economic consequences.

Although the authorities in Germany it is trying to be brave and declare that migrants can even benefit the economy, the unemployment rate will rise slightly, by some 0.4 percentage points. Well, let’s see what they will sing, when in Europe a couple of said «guests» arrive. Women in Germany are already the evenings are afraid to walk alone in the streets, and soon pork sausages to beer, which the Germans for a thousand years it will be forbidden by the product. It is understandable why in these circumstances the circulation of Mein Kampf was sold out in a few hours. If this goes on, Europe will be a strong social upheavals, even without terrorist attacks. And so with them we do see a collapse among accustomed to the peace of the burghers.

So Europe has a lot of issues now will benefit those who want to control its behavior on the international scene who do not want to give Europe again become an independent center of power, she was able to start again to give birth to their «children» to have a happy future. But there is still hope that Europe, too, said Pope Francis, «even in the darkest of times always proved to herself that she has unexpected resources». Well, time will tell…