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Jammed rudder: named the new version the crash in Rostov-on-don

photo: AP

This opinion was expressed by one expert close to the investigation in conversation with the correspondent «RG», noting that in favor of this assumption is the fact that the crew gave no distress signals.

«During the last maneuver the liner went to a height of 940 meters and then began to decline sharply… Reaching heights of 270-300 meters, he suddenly began to fall on the strip. The degree of reduction was 45-50 degrees and a speed of 325 kilometers per hour. He almost «took the bait nose»…. The crew tried to rectify the situation, so the air was silence. No SOS calls, no data about the shutdown of a unit», — said the expert.

«It is obvious that the pilots were trying to «pull» the plane, but they just do not have time and effort to remove the wheel myself…. The mechanism could just freeze due to sudden drop of temperatures», — said the expert, adding that, most likely, «it happened that way».

Now experts are waiting for data with parametric data from the black boxes of the crashed Boeing.