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In Rostov-on-don has broken passenger «the Boeing».

photo: youtube.com

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

09:00 — On the website of EMERCOM of Russia appeared with an updated list of passengers of the flight number 981.

08:58 — the President of Russia Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to the families of those killed in the crash «Boeing» in Rostov-on-don.

08:52 — Among the seven crew members were six foreigners — Socratous Aristos, Alava Alejandro Cruz, Curbelo Caro Javier Alejandro, Alex Dominic Confait Yoram, Delacruz Laura Patricia, Nasirdinov Goldus, as well as the citizen of Russia Maxim Audrus, RIA Novosti reported.

08:49 — the relatives of the victims will pay on one million rubles, writes TASS.

08:35 — the Victims of the crash were the wife and daughter of the head of the Azov area of the Rostov region informs «Interfax» with reference to the press service of the regional government.

08:24 — UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon expressed support for the families of the deceased passengers on flight FZ-981.

08:21 — Flight of an aircraft took place in a regular mode, said air traffic control service, reports TASS.

08:17 — According to the MOE, the «black boxes» of the crashed airliner has not been found yet.

08:11 — To the crash site found the remains of the victims. It is noted that some of them badly scorched, Interfax reports.

07:58 — the Collapse of the «Boeing 737-800″ in Rostov-on-don, became the first FlyDubai plane crash, reports TASS.

07:56 — the Website of the Dubai airline FlyDubai was painted a mournful black-and-white colors. Sale of tickets on all flights temporarily suspended.

07:53 — According to a source in the emergency services, all crew members are citizens of the UAE, informs TASS.

07:39 — In the fall, «Boeing» near the runway of the airport of Rostov-on-don has killed the Deputy of Legislative Assembly Igor Pachus and his wife, reports Life News.

07:36 — families of victims of the crash are 25 psychologists, writes TASS.

07:25 — On the fact of wreck of «Boeing» in Rostov-on-don, the RF IC opened a criminal case on violation of safety regulations.

07:22 — On a scene there arrived the families. Only about 600 people, reports TASS.

07:21 — onboard the crash «Boeing» could be citizens of Ukraine and Uzbekistan, according to Life News.

07:19 — Liner FlyDubai fell to the ground at an angle. According to information TASS, the range of bodies and wreckage is about 150 meters.

07:18 — Passengers on their way to Rostov-on-don, ready to take the airports of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and Krasnodar, according to the national control centre in crisis situations of EMERCOM of Russia.

07:15 — On a scene left the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov and head of Federal air transport Agency Alexander Neradko, reports TASS.

07:11 — According to the MOE, on Board the crashed Boeing were 11 foreigners, among them the entire crew.

06:58 — Sunday, March 20, in the Rostov region will be declared a day of mourning.

06:57 — «the Boeing» has fallen in 03:41 Moscow time in 253 metres from the runway.

06:49 — Communication with crew was gone after a few seconds, after confirming the approach to the second round of planting, according to «Interfax».

06:48 — the Head of the National center for crisis management EMERCOM of Russia Viktor Azucena said that the scene employs more than 700 people and 90 pieces of equipment.

06:45 — According to the information portal Flightradar, Boeing did ten more laps before landing.

06:41 — collapsed Age of the «Boeing» is five years, reports RIA Novosti.

06:40 — the Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev said that on Board the crashed airliner were 55 passengers and seven crew members.

06:30 — MOE publishes pictures from the crash site.


06:28 — Most of those on Board the crashed airliner were residents of Rostov-on-don, reports TASS with reference to EMERCOM.

06:25 — the Airline-the airline of the United Arab Emirates Flydubai, which owned the crashed plane, began to investigate the wreck FZ981 Board, said in a statement, Flydubai on the page in Facebook.

06:20 — Three passengers were foreigners, according to RIA Novosti.

06:19 — On Board were, including the tourists who had a rest under permits of tour operators with their families, reports «Intefax».

06:16 — On the scene working rescuers 114, reports Life News

06:12 — «the Boeing-737-800″ is from 162 to 189 seats..

06:09 — the Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev said that on Board the airplane were four children.

06:05 — In social networks there was video of the crash from surveillance cameras

05:58 — According to the Flightradar website, Boeing circled at Rostov-on-don after the first landing attempt failed. TASS estimated that it lasted about two hours.

05:57 — Became known list of passengers killed in the crash «Boeing» airline Flydubai Rostov-on-don, reports Life News.

The passenger list:

1. Larissa Allen

2. Gann Andreeva

3. Elvira Beliakova

4. Victor Bespechnoi

5. Victoria Bevziuk

6. Marina Bevziuk

7. Julia Is Dumb

8. Sergey Mute

9. Bolgova Galina

10. Alexander Bozhko

11. Olga Bozhko

12. Alina Berezina

13. Konstantin Chebotarev

14. Svetlana Chebotareva

15. Dmitry Chernov

16. Elena Chernova

17. Kirill Chistyakov

18. Oleg Chistyakov

19. Victoria Chistyakova

20. Vladimir Fedyanin

21. Valeriy Gamow

22. Lyudmila Goncharova

23. Elena Kaliberda

24. Sergey Kaliberda

25. Olesya Caravantea

26. Irina Karpenko

27. Kathirvel Apan

28. Olga Klimenko

29. Pavel Koposov

30. Anastasia Koposova

31. Koposova Daria

32. Koposova Lyudmila

33. Raisa Loboda

34. Macenko Olga

35. Siam Mohan

36. Inna Negodaeva

37. Anna Osipova

38. Galina Pachus

39. Igor Pachus

40. Alex Shangqing

41. Irina Shangqing

42. Nikolai Slipchenko

43. Valentine Somina

44. Mann Serhieva

45. Natalia Tarasenko

46. Svitlana Of Tsehelska

47. Danilo Cegelski

48. Pavlo Cegelski

49. Natalia Veremeeva

50. Alexander Vermansky

51. Vitaly Veremeenko

52. Valentina Voronova

53. Larisa Javed

54. Tatyana Kravchenko

55. Nikolay Karpenko

05:49 — So is the route in the online monitor.

05:41 — the Plane was about to land in Rostov 3:49. Mark’s aircraft — Boeing 737-800. They began to produce in 1998.

05:37 — Presumably, all the passengers of the crashed plane — the Russians, according to RIA Novosti. According to the Agency, the crew members are foreigners.

05:36 — the Pilots of the crashed «Boeing» was not reported to the dispatcher and ground services about emergency situation on Board the aircraft, reports Life News.

05:35 and Rescue service suggests that part of the wreckage lying at a distance of a mile from the crash site.

05:34 — the Airport of Rostov-on-don is closed. Several flights have been delayed, two of them on the flight to St. Petersburg, the rest in Moscow. Flights that were to arrive at the airport of Rostov-on-don, sent to backup airfield in Krasnodar.

05:33 — Boeing collapsed in contact with the ground and an explosion occurred, reports the RF IC.

05:29 — RF IC began checking in connection with the crash of a passenger plane in Rostov-on-don.

05:27 — In connection with the disaster «Boeing» in Rostov-on-don, Russia the Ministry of emergency situations has opened a hotline: 8-800-775-17-17. The airport sent a group of psychological help.

05:21 — the representative of the Ministry Igor Oder told «Interfax» that fire still was not: parts of the plane scattered in a radius of one kilometer. According to Oder, a devastating blow could occur when the plane caught on the runway during landing.

05:20 — news Agency reported that the accident happened during approach to landing: he fell apart and burst into flames.

05:15 — so Far referred to two preliminary versions of what happened — bad weather and pilot error. Monitors show the weather in Rostov-on-don, now a rain, the temperature is about 6 degrees Celsius.

About the attack until there were no statements. The plane was EN route FZ-981 from the United Arab Emirates. Departure at 21:45 on Friday local time.

05:10 — On Board crashed in Rostov-on-don «the Boeing» there were 61 people were killed, reports TASS with reference to the source.

04:11 — Passenger «the Boeing-738″ crashed near Rostov-on-don, reports TASS. According to preliminary data, the aircraft crashed during landing. On Board were 55 people.