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In Dzerzhinsk eight year olds burn a dove forever and ever

photo: morguefile.com

Witness the terrifying spectacle of fire became the inhabitant of Dzerzhinsky Hope Yesenin, who was walking with her boyfriend through the square.

On Saturday towards evening decided with my boyfriend to walk through the Victory square, the Eternal flame, — the girl tells, — So what we saw was awful. Two boys, 8-10 years old, a dove burned in the eternal fire, alive! Where are the parents?!! At first I couldn’t believe it, but when we get it, these boys were already far from us. I’m still in shock…

According to eyewitnesses, the children were not at all look like street punks or homeless children. Both were dressed in nice expensive jackets, warm pants. Grab juvenile arsonists failed: as soon as the boys called out, they got scared and fled the scene on scooters. To save the unhappy dove also did not work. The victim of monstrous fun flared like a match and burned down in seconds.

Now residents of Dzerzhinsky hotly discussed story on social media. Were also such who says that the dove he could dive into the hole, where burst fire. And the children, they say, just stood and watched.

The reasons for such violence, according to experts on children’s mentality, maybe two. It’s either a mental pathology or trivial (but who in recent times rampant) lack of manners.

— If the child is mentally ill, then the pathological cruelty is a required element in his behavior, says clinical child psychologist Elena Okulova, — In this condition the child is experiencing feelings and emotions, he cuts or burns the animal with a smile and an explanation «things have happened».

However, doctors assured: «geishecker» Dzerzhinsky from all these nightmares, even though they often occur in practice psychologists and psychiatrists, the relationship will likely not have. Burning in the flames of Eternal fire second-graders simply evil. And evil this they no one deliberately planted.

Is kindness in a person not initially laid, it is a social quality, — said Okulov, — But the evil, by contrast, focus on survival. Now people are exposed to many stresses and stressors, and it has never focused for survival. Family teaches how to defend and not how to love animals.

When such a child grows up, what began as «innocent» fun in the Park with outdoor birds, grows along with him. In the end, it is these evil since childhood, but very well-trained to survive, children are the heroes of the Chronicles of crime.