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Explosion and house fire in Moscow extinguished by true professionals

photo: Dmitry Pogorelov

How it all began

From the history of fire protection garrison of the capital in the first third of the XX century was known about duty officers, who were expected tasks in organizing a rapid response to fires. The first staff post duty officers were introduced in 1934, when it created the Department of fire protection of Moscow, administered by the NKVD. In that year, in duty shift consisted of only one employee. The infrastructure of Moscow is rapidly developing, new enterprises and social facilities, increased population growth. Needed was organization, not only owns the information about what is happening in the capital fires, but also directly organize the work of firefighters. All this required more effective organization of fire fighting systems and control forces and facilities in extinguishing large and complex fires. This leads to the fact that the operating unit becomes an independent branch of the territorial fire and rescue units of the city of Moscow, which is the forerunner of modern fire suppression service. By this time his daily duty in the operational Department are already several officers. After the fire Department became part of the «emergency Department», expanded job responsibilities: to extinguish the fires with new functions added on liquidation of consequences of emergency situations, serious traffic incidents, accidents, collapses of buildings.

Date of entities of the fire service Metropolitan emergency is considered to be July 13, 1994, when the order of the chief of police of the city of Moscow No. 654 approved changes in staffing of the office of the state fire service of Moscow. Currently the fire service operates as part of the control Center in crisis situations the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow. During the existence of the service and again changed its name and departmental affiliation, but remained unchanged its functions. Department members work in the most «hot spots» in extinguishing fires and conducting rescue operations. Professional skills allow them to successfully complete the most complex tasks. They are always there where the work is hardest, where their help is needed and years of experience.

Call of duty

Personnel of the fire service have distinguished personal business, years of experience, the ability to correctly assess the situation and to put forces and means, the willingness to assume leadership and be held accountable, and the full realization of the fact that the actions of the duty shift TMS depends on the outcome of the fire. In other words – professionalism throughout. On these mentioned criteria and evaluated candidates wishing to serve in Moscow FFS.

— I first went on duty in December 1993. In those days together with me took 2.5 thousand people, – says the Colonel of internal service Igor Gulidov (from 1993 to 2004 he worked as head of the duty shift of the fire service). Here he served only the best, because it is the lead unit. When he vacated the position of duty officer, the candidate lists of the battalions was established with all of our shifts – candidate should be with excellent characteristic

If to describe in a few words the functions of the division in daily operations, this coordination unit. TMS controls the garrison, monitors the operational situation in the city, preparing personnel for combat work, assesses the theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge of the personnel of the fire and rescue calculations, oversees the patrol-sentry service, coordinates the work of «101», carries out fire-tactical exercises. And this is not a complete list. In the course of fighting fires and conducting rescue operations mandated continuous control of units of the Moscow garrison of fire protection and rescue forces. A quarter of a century the staff of the fire service participated in the suppression of more than 5 thousand fires, with their direct involvement saved more than 2 thousand people.

Dialogue of epochs

Fire is a physical-chemical process that develops according to certain laws. And skill of any Manager of fire extinguishing lies in the ability to predict how fire will behave, where to go «beast». You need to know its habits, based on the invaluable knowledge and experience. Today the head of the fire service of Moscow Yuri Zhukovsky. Honored firefighters, a great organizer, who has a deserved authority among subordinates and colleagues.

Working principle of the Hero of Russia Volodymyr Maksymchuk: fire cannot be sent into the fire, and can only lead, unchanged. In reference motto is the essence of our service – says the head of Moscow FFS.

The veteran garrison of the Metropolitan fire brigade, Colonel Sergei Perepelkin (from 1993 to 1998 he served as Deputy chief of the fire service, the chief on duty UGPS GUVD of Moscow) says about the service:

Is a sub – instance, we can say, final. As said Anatoly Ivanovich Chepyzhov – it was the elite of our troops. The calmness of Muscovites depends on the headquarters of the city, so the attendants must pass all practical steps operational work and only then to come to the headquarters of the city. Only when we held a major office way, was the chief of the guard, and operating the battalion, and the officer on duty at the military unit, he is put on the nomination.

The main objective was, of course, firefighting. But this was far from the only purpose. An important component is the training of employees on duty, who were on the same shift.

— The ability to predict fire development based on combat experience. When I go to work, setting yourself up this way: what would have happened, I supposed, my duty to protect people from fire and save every human life. This is inherent not only to me but also to all employees of fire protection, ten years of service Yuriy Zhukovskiy.

Caste firefighters

Today TMS in Moscow raised the issue of the development of the emblem of service and subsequent approval by the heraldic Council at the Russian emergencies Ministry. And the creative process are responsibly, because every character on the chevrons firefighters bears its ideology. In the emblem is based on eight-pointed star. In the heyday of Ancient Babylon, she was a sun symbol that adorned the shields of the knights of the order of the Templars (spiritual knightly orders). It is also reflected in the famous for firemen-rescuers the icon «the burning Bush who protected against fires. A stylized emblem of the fire service will distinguish members of this elite unit.

Combat chronicle

In 2014, the duty shift of the fire service made 345 departures on fires, accidents, 171 time was the head of the operational headquarters of fire fighting and rescue operations, supervised the extinguishing of large fires 58.

– Rescue, fire fighting, the struggle for the preservation of property, fire, liquidation of consequences of incident – a special operation – speaks about the work of Yuri Zhukovsky. – The best reward is to see that we saved.

The harder and more dangerous fire – the more significant the heroism of its liquidators. Although these heroes everyday when taking over the services is always want to a day less grief from fires visited people. And if played out the element, do everything possible to save. But, as it did not want to fire was less fire accompanies mankind since the dawn of civilization. «Having run» on the history of the regiment of special purpose, inseparably connected with large-scale fire elements, we can safely say that the firefighting service of garrison of fire protection of Moscow – the team of highly skilled firefighters, fire cohesive brotherhood is headed by an experienced leader.

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