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Experts doubt that the cause of the accident in Rostov was the human factor

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The same «knuppel» (or trimmer), pressing which, according to some media reports, could lead to disaster.

Also the journalists attempted to reconstruct the actions of pilots in the last minutes before the crash. Under some assumptions, the cause of the tragedy could be accidentally pressing the pilot of one of the buttons that led to blocking manual control of the aircraft.

Expert «MK» is the current pilot of one of the leading airlines, analyzing the latest information, concludes that in this case it is possible to speak about the failure of technology than on the human factor.

Presumably, the events developed as follows. After the first unsuccessful attempt to land the plane 37-year-old pilot Aristos the Socratous decided to leave on the second circle. At this time the autopilot was still working, the crew planned to raise the plane at 1500 meters. Within 40 seconds, the ship was raised in automatic mode. And then the pilot has disabled the autopilot feature, after which Boeing began to lose altitude.

Experts have suggested that disabling the automation, the pilot attempted to bring the aircraft in horizontal flight, however, at this point, turn on the stabilizer. In this mode, the Elevator is not efficient and the aircraft doesn’t respond to the helm.

From this it was concluded that the pilots could not understand that a sharp peak is to blame the regulator, which is actuated by button «knuppel». How he was involved, too, is unclear, perhaps a pilot could accidentally catch this «knuppel» and not notice it.

— The information disclosed is in the nature of insider trading, but the conclusions from a professional point of view is nonsense, says expert «MK», wished to remain incognito. — Mentioned «knuppel», which is essentially a rudder trimmer is a tool that allows you to remove the load when piloting an aircraft. The higher the speed, the greater the load, respectively, and effort you need to exert more here and used the trimmer, which removes the load from the controls and allows the pilot to comfortably fly a plane. Speaking roughly, it can be compared to power steering in a car. The trimmer in this plane is right at the helm, and the pilot uses it constantly.

In fact, using the trimmer in the manual mode cannot lead to the rejection of the stabilizer, which it would be impossible to compensate. That is, I want to say that in normal circumstances, use of a trimmer can result in uncontrolled deviation of the stabilizer. It cannot be turned off — this is one of ship control systems. Even if it hurt the pilot, during normal operation of the aircraft it would not involve catastrophic consequences.

If the information that the regulator had gone on the dive, is correct, this might indicate that the management system of the aircraft worked properly. This is not the fault of the pilots, and failure of machinery. And in case of rejection of stabilizer to dive the pilots had no opportunity to regain control of the aircraft in this time period.