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Digest: test Renault Megane, the new Skoda Octavia has been officially unveiled Citroen called the Ukrainian the prices for the budget sedan C-Elysse

This week all the attention was focused on the «Skoda». And not without reason, because the company introduced new generation of its most popular model is Skoda Octavia. Citroen managed to call Ukrainian the prices for a novelty in the segment of budget sedans — C-Elysse. In the meantime we found out in the test drive, why the once popular model of Renault Megane lost its magic on the Ukrainian market?

The week began with a test drive of Renault Megane hatchback. Popular truth, in the past generation, the model has become increasingly rare to see on our roads. The reason is simple — 99 percent of car buyers last generation chose the sedan, from which the French decided to withdraw. The hatchback, in particular a version with a diesel engine, did not disappoint us. The car honestly work out your money. But the model’s appearance has discouraged their inexpressive, that it would seem unusual French machines.

But the Megane is too early to write off. As soon as we have published a test drive, came the news that in the second half of next year the French will update the model. And here’s what it can become (see photo) — the magazine L’automobile suggests that the hatchback will borrow the style of the new Clio. There is every reason to believe, as similar changes have already occurred with the facelifted Renault Fluence.

In the segment of budget sedans in the Ukrainian market in the near future will be a bit crowded, but you will only win. Citroen called the price of C-Elysse — from 105 thousand hryvnias. Though the French tried to reduce the cost of the model that allow reasonable limits, they should pay tribute outside the machine, as is often the case with «public sector» has not turned out a sort of skate-gorbunka. And Spanish the Assembly must become a serious argument in the competition with already obrovskaya we have competitors — «Accent», Rio and Polo sedan.

Tuesday, it is possible to tell, has not really started, asked everyone to stay in Kiev since the morning began on a 10-point tube. Blame the snow and falling trees.

Now the dog is not only man’s best friend, but the driver. However, in this case not the best. The proof will video from New Zealand, where two dogs thanks weeks of training were still able to learn to execute commands and manage specially trained hatchback MINI. However, if you watch the movie until the end, you can see how the driver of the four-legged instead of staying on the track, still drove on the lawn. Whether the bone smelled, or wanted something else.

Skoda has finally stopped beating around the Bush and officially announced what everyone was waiting for since November — the new generation Octavia.

The market is gradually increasing the number of companies offering to buy them not only new but also used cars. From the 10th of December they were joined by Renault, which offers not only the purchase of used cars of its brand, but other manufacturers.

The first car restored for the former CIS countries, the Japanese brand Datsun (previously under this name were sold to Nissan) will be the sedan. Anything beyond consciousness model is not worth waiting, because even a platform for new Japanese borrow from «AVTOVAZ», to be exact — Lada Granta.

Because of the snow in Kiev not to pass, not to drive and to Park. In the Central part of the city Parking prohibited at all, and the vehicles of all the offenders promised to take away in an unknown direction on «temporarily permitted the tow».

Toyota has announced that it will bring to Ukraine new Auris in January. Pricing has not been announced, but the range of engines is already known — for the first time in our market model will present with a hybrid power plant.

BMW has unveiled the M version of the «six» Gran Coupe — the car became the fastest chetyrehdverki brand. From 0 to 100 km/h «charged» 6-series accelerates in just 4.2 seconds.

Meanwhile Mercedes showed the world an updated E-Class. «Four-eyed» ‘t tease — the car became more serious. Still, after the model by selecting from the yet not published new generation S-class.

While in Ukraine a voice erupted from Citroen C-Elysse, in Russia about themselves gave to know another «state employee» — Chevrolet Cobalt. Judging by the comments to the news, or something to do with the price or the design. «Versatile» trunk of a sedan in 563 liters, like, did not cause complaints. Well, at least that is what the model is made correctly.

From today entered into force a new edition of the regulations, which governs the activities of cops. If earlier during the detention of his vehicle were taken to the Parking lot traffic police, now there are only cryptic wording, saying that the machines need to deliver on «a special area or Parking.» Whose platforms and sites referred to in the document not specified. If private, then the purses it could come back to haunt quite.

That’s it. Have a good weekend and until next week!