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Digest: test-drive the Accord and new Aveo, the first electrospray and ban the «Toyota» advertising shoot

This week on Autoua.net two of the test. In the first to ninth generation Honda Accord, which will arrive in Ukraine in the spring. The second is less ambitious, but no less interesting Chevrolet Aveo. Meanwhile in Kiev, the first free electrospray, and in France again in revolt. No, not the friendly residents of the suburbs of Paris. This time environmentalists. «Toyota» is forbidden to place advertising with the SUV on the background of beautiful scenery of nature.

What was that?

On Autoua.net

Test drive a new Honda Accord, which we experienced at the presentation of the model in Russia, is notable not only in that we finally learned what to expect from the American version of the Accord, which will replace the European market, but also the fact that Honda brought to Noumea designers of the car. Goal is to listen to the responses of journalists to have time to make changes to the time machine to the markets of the former CIS countries. What is to listen very carefully — we find out in a test drive.

The second test drive — no less interesting, because for us the second generation of the popular Chevrolet Aveo. However, popular was the first generation model, and it’s unlikely for a new generation to attract the same attention shoppers — will show time. Read all the details in our test.

In blogs there is a new selection of instructive videos «Learn from the mistakes of others». You can watch videos several times, because repetition is the mother of learning.

The popularity of compact crossovers don’t cause problems not only consumers but also producers. Look what awaits us in the interesting collection that posted in blogs the user RPM.

In Ukraine

In Kiev opened the first electrospray. All the details in our report.

The whole of November in Kiev will patrol a squad of traffic police of GAI (former «Cobra») — take care of yourself!

Ford has announced prices for Ukrainian «charged» Focus ST — 250 HP, 350 Nm and only «proper» manual transmission. Interested? Cook $39 000.

But let us come down to earth. But then we soon will meet Granta with a gun, the cost of which in Ukraine will amount to 105 000. The first cars will arrive in showrooms.

In addition, in November the Ukrainian market the Peugeot 408 sedan. The price range is $18 640 $640 24. The price tag bites, but the car was prepared «especially for Russia» — a large trunk and ground clearance, reinforced suspension — may in Ukraine will accept it graciously? Or, as written by one of our former presidents, «Ukraine is not Russia»?

Coming to Ukraine mid-size Chinese SUV Great Wall H6. No one would have noticed if at home «SUV» has not sold the VW Tiguan, Hyundai ix35, Honda CR-V and Audi Q5. Only price or maybe the Chinese know something? In Ukraine from 180 thousand hryvnias.

In the world

Czech journalists have already tested pre-production samples of the new Skoda Octavia. It is already known that the car has grown, but projected a 4.8 meter still not reached. Bummer?

Subaru has released the first official photos of the fourth generation Forester. The public premiere will be held in late November at the auto show in Los Angeles.

Renault has revealed the updated Fluence. In my opinion, turned out perfectly.

Next year in the Netherlands, will start construction of smart highway. Feature of the new road will not only that it will be smooth and will not crumble on the first day of opening, but that can economize electric power supply required for lighting and even inform the driver about the weather conditions. Indeed, if he goes and not even looking around, and around such beauty — snowflakes, you know.

Meanwhile, in France environmentalists have made its point and rebuked the «Toyota» advertising with the image of crossovers and SUVs in a natural setting. We hinted to the company that can make advertising more effective. To show, for example, that SUVs can go to any edge in order to go at rush hour on the sidewalks. And they look brighter than the background of nature, and when «politely» asked to give way. Don’t say a word. Again, some laws invented?

What would you go to get to America, or rather in the USA? Mexicans are ready to go… No, what really is looking to move four-metre fences on the border on SUVs. By the way another free idea for a new ad «Toyota».

Until next week and good weekend!