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Digest: eyeing for a new Mazda6, Mazda3 eyeing next, at the Odessa Gai officers catch using «harpoon»

As it turned out this week, on the Kiev-Odessa highway, Gai officers have started to use the new equipment, allowing effectively to catch exceeding the speed of drivers. In Ukraine somewhere «lost» pure forms of insurance policies because of which the chances to meet scammers and run into a fake is not to become illusory. While in Russia has announced prices and specifications for the new Mazda6 in the Internet appeared the first images of the next Mazda3.

What was that?

On Autoua.net

Blogs has released a new series of videos «Learn from the mistakes of others». Again carefully study the habits of «deer» to avoid unpleasant situations on roads. In the selection and poltergeist-video watch the actions of the driver and the passenger after the accident in the second movie.

Not without funny moments. The Finnish crew rally «Skoda» after the last race in the Italian San Remo can only regret that in the rally no of SS «Parking». And really sorry, because even if he wants it… not priparkueshsya filigree on the roof of the Annex. Watch the video.

Also in the blogs there are new revelations of avtobusnik that five weeks ago went to driving school. Last post «back to school» raises a lot of interesting themes for reflection, which we either forgot or just don’t notice — I recommend reading.

In Ukraine

GAI realized that the existing methods of dealing with drivers who exceed the speed inefficient. To help called the new complex called «Harpoon». The principle is already reflected in the title — on the road there are special boxes with the equipment, fixing on video of infringers and quickly transmitting data on the nearest traffic police post, which on the basis of the information received knows what kind of car needs to be stopped.

Mysteriously disappeared in Ukraine 64K blank forms for the insurance policies. As they say, without comments.

In the near future on the Ukrainian market will start selling the new Chinese car — Geely announced the prices LC compact hatchback and crossover modification. And the cost is almost five-meter sedan BYD G6 in our market will start with $390 17.

In the world

The Russian representation of Mazda announced cost of the new «sixes». Similar rates expected in Ukraine. In addition, you can learn about the trim levels.

On this topic «Mazda» this week is not finished, because the British magazine AutoExpress has published pictures of the next generation Mazda3. The representatives of the brand admitted that they painted and that it was only possible design that would be very nice to have implemented.

Unplanned premiere did not end there. First video from the new Skoda Octavia to your attention.

In the case of automakers in the European market are, to put it mildly, so-so. Sales are down and only the strongest of the strongest — dozen of the most popular models from Europe in September, a dozen of the most popular brands and the list of countries that have not moved on bikes.

Given the situation on the European market, is not surprised sales techniques German dealers, who are increasingly practicing the following scheme — dealer for its own account prepares one-day registration state, and then sells the machines as used with huge discounts even by German standards — from 25% or more. We would like to have such happiness halt. But, apparently, not rolled, because our market is stronger than German (actually, no).

New developments this week, we were pleased and even amused Nissan. Whether companies believe that drivers who choose a Nissan or Infiniti model, most often confuse the pedals, or «marketers» have filled an unoccupied niche in the market. Anyway, a new active safety system called «Emergency help in case of accidental pressing the gas pedal». Now, if at low speed the driver will confuse the pedals or, in other words, will not notice encountered an obstacle, the vehicle will stop automatically. The system is extremely useful in a congested Parking lot, however, it is worth noting that other manufacturers call their more friendly counterparts.

Notable new steering technology that was developed by the specialists of Nissan control position of the wheels serves to give «prudent» electronics. Has made its point.

Until next week!