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Digest: exploring the possibilities of Nissan X-Trail, watching the new Skoda Octavia, the traffic cops would write off «hair dryers», Lada is preparing an all-wheel drive crossover

This week Autoua.net introduced a new video. This time exploring possibilities of Nissan X-Trail. In addition to «the lens» Autoua.net the new generation Skoda Octavia is the car being tested on European roads. Conscious Europeans are closely watching the movements of the new model, and with them watched and we. Already have both photos and videos. Traffic cops remembered that measure the speed need for devices with photo or video recording, and promised to abandon the so-called «fans». Lada started to create a new crossover.

What was that?

On Autoua.net

Nissan X-Trail has been repeatedly mentioned in our reviews. This time we decided to stay on the strengths of the crossover and find out what he can interest the buyer, and not to be wordy — got it all on video. Look, comment.

In blogs there was a post «first aid Courses — what, where, how much?». Many might remember the insidious questions in the examination ticket. So, first aid courses, which we visited once again have to make sure that theory and common sense in emergency cases frequently do not get along together. And it is good that in Kiev there are experts who are willing to help figure it out.

In Ukraine

The traffic police announced that it will abandon the devices measure the velocity without photos or video. In other words, the «hair dryers» will still be blamed. In addition, there will be more cops with the exact American laser TruCam. However, not without a spoon of tar — «Vizier,» who, though able to record video, but this accuracy does not differ, leave.

In Kiev confirmed that the street Vasilkovsky, under which passes a subway line and which is repeatedly formed dips, repaired. However, will start reconstruction until next year.

Not so long ago Volvo presented on the Ukrainian market the hatchback V40. At the end of the week became known to the Ukrainian pictures and crossover modification, which is called the V40 Cross County. Deliveries will begin in the spring.

Also waiting for spring in Ukraine retouched Mitsubishi ASX.

Land Rover has announced prices for the new Range Rover in Ukraine from Euro 101 000.

In addition, this week started sales of the updated Hyundai i20 — from 115 000 hryvnia.

In the world

Show the new Skoda Octavia has already in November. Apparently, we will present only the final version of the design, and the detailed information will tell already at the spring Geneva motor show. However, the model with minimal camouflage already being tested. Look at the first photos.

France wanted «to press» on the market Korean manufacturers, but the EU stepped in. By the way, perhaps rightly so, because the only way the European cars retain competitiveness.

«Koreans» meanwhile come. Competitor «Course» in the face of the CEE’d, the company already has. But as it turned out the Golf GTI, too, did not go unnoticed. Waiting for the premiere of «charged» CEE’d.

AvtoVAZ said that the company is pleased with the feedback on the conceptual crossover Lada XRAY, which means you need to run in series. Design of new items will inherit the style of the concept, and also receive all-wheel drive system — sounds intriguing!

The new generation Honda Civic without much enthusiasm as «bystanders» and «Kondopoga» who have complaints about the design, the interior materials and not only. The American representative has listened and promised ahead of time to update the model. Will present «corrected and improved» the car in November. The plans of the European division will know after the premiere overseas.

And finally, the photos of which opened this week of the motor show in Sao Paulo, Brazil — the exhibition, the attention of global manufacturers are not deprived. In other words, to look at what is.

Until next week and good weekend!