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Cyprus court dismissed the case on charges of Olga Mirimskaya

photo: pixabay.com

The court of Cyprus has rejected Svetlana Bezpaliy in recognizing a fake contract signed with Olga Mirimskaya, on the provision of services of a surrogate mother for carrying a child Mirimskaya and its civil spouse. «Innocence Mirimskaya also confirmed and the attorney General of Cyprus,» — said the Agency TASS the lawyer Mirimsky Alexander Chernov.

According to the lawyer, the litigation began after the quarrel and parting his client with her civil husband, who immediately after the birth of her daughter Sonia in may 2015 took out a surrogate mother Svetlana Besplato and a newborn girl to Cyprus, where Bezpala handed him the child. Mirimsky has addressed in Presnensky court of Moscow in September last year ruled in favor of the biological mother and decided to give her a child. Bezpala insisted in court that no contract with anyone she did not conclude, and the girl is her child born in wedlock. But it did not helped.

«At present, said the lawyer, — we are searching for the whereabouts of the child, but where the daughter Mirimskaya, is still unknown».

The Supreme court yesterday put an end to this dispute. The final decision remained in favor of Olga Mirimskaya. On the background of these events especially funny looks today’s live broadcast of the radio station with the participation of the infamous blogger Oleg Lurie and representative Bespaliy, telling a story about a fugitive Bespaliy and the sperm donor who passed the material for Crimean women and her unemployed husband.

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Olga Mirimskaya, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank BKF. In the past year according to Forbes she was ranked 22nd in the list of the richest women of Russia.