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Coats will put the meter on: require mandatory labelling of fur products

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

From 1 April the system is running in test mode, on a voluntary business principles. Why mark began with the fur? First, according to the expert community, 80% of this market is in grey area: from 1 million imported from abroad products, only 200 thousand declared and with them, respectively, shall be paid 10% customs duties and 18% VAT. In Russia in this business there are about 2.5 thousand companies. A custom officer Sergei Tretyakov explained «MK» that the discrepancy is due to the fact that quite a lot of fur is imported from Kazakhstan, Belarus, as well as for «personal use» by ordinary citizens. In this regard, the percentage of real smuggling, of course, much lower.

Secondly, the system can only function when connects all five countries included in the Eurasian economic Union. At the moment the members of the Union agreed to the labeling of fur and ratified the corresponding agreement Kazakhstan alone.

The Deputy head of the Federal tax service Dmitry Grigorenko am sure that in the near future do and we. Then with 1 October marking a special chip will be mandatory, not only on imports but also on domestic fur products.

The cost of a single brand depending on the method of fixing will cost the entrepreneur from 15 to 22 rubles. You can order them directly in your account FTS, which created a special section. There there is a «button» for the conclusion of online contracts for the manufacture of chips with Goznak. Print them within five days from receipt of 100% payment.

Paper brand, which has built a special chip with a small antenna that contains several types of information: a unique number, description of goods, VAT number of the seller/buyer etc. Brands red marked import, green is Patriotic. Stamps are sewn, glued, hinged. Last the most expensive.

To get their businesses in two ways: either by self-delivery from any branch of Goznak in the region (eight of them, and they are all in the European part), or ask for delivery by mail or courier service. That’ll cost extra. In principle, given the high cost of fur coats and large amounts of book marks that will not affect the value. At least, so says one of the leaders of the large chain leather and fur retail Armen Osipov. But if it, say, mittens, hats, it undoubtedly will affect the price upwards.

Importers to label the fur will be either on overseas factories (simplified export stamps stipulated by law), either on the territory of Russia in the customs warehouses of temporary storage. Domestic manufacturers to sell their products to wholesalers, will be able to do it directly in the factories.

What the authorities want to bring the fur business «clean water», forcing to pay in full the taxes and customs duties, this is understandable. Probably, this scheme is valid for the legalization of the product can’t just buy the left party in the companies, and then, «washing hands», to put fur in the retail network. In the FTS system, the product cannot be registered, and any onsite audit of the tax authorities, customs, Rospotrebnadzor is immediately identified.

What marking will give the buyer simple? Importantly, thanks to its implementation the Russians will get accurate information about the product. It’s a guarantee that by buying an expensive thing, people can be sure that it is legally manufactured, imported, sold. If after two weeks the coat will spread across the seams, it is no problem to return it.

Check out the «history» of the goods to the buyer, you can use even a regular smartphone. You need to download from the online shop free app. Going into it, pointing the gadget to the brand, enable the video mode. If the thing is clean, the screen will display «Product successfully passed the test» with a detailed description. The buyer can visually verify that before him, such as «women’s jacket from Astrakhan fur lined knitwear with fur trim silver Fox and with a strap made of artificial leather, manufacturer, China».

If the item is not registered in the system properly, on a red background POPs up a phrase: «This product is not labeled». To buy such a product means to act on your own risk.

In FTS have refused to comment on which groups of products may be a common practice of labelling. However, as it became known «MK», negotiations in the framework of the EAEU are about clothing, alcohol, non-perishable foods.