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Babies died at the hands of the mother

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

We will remind, on Thursday afternoon in an apartment in the suburbs relatives found no signs of life 38-year-old woman. They called an ambulance. However, doctors had no choice but to certify death ladies. After an initial examination doctors found that the deceased recently gave birth. But neither husband nor other family members didn’t know. Rescue the guards inspected the apartment and Oh, the horror, on the mezzanine, in one of the rooms, found a dead baby, whose body was carelessly Packed in a plastic bag. Further — more. In the garage, we found one dead newborn. According to preliminary data, the twins died just two days ago!

The family of the woman in labor was in shock from such details. Husband came to his senses, remembered that I had said rounded curves of his wife. But that only waved away, however, once mentioned that taking hormonal drugs, and perhaps gained a bit of weight. More spouses this topic was not raised. Besides, the family already had older children. Most likely, the lady did not get up on the pregnancy and was going to give birth at home in secret. And she almost succeeded, if at the time of delivery, complications resulting in blood poisoning. What in the end, and the woman also died. As deaths of children, yet to be determined detectives.

Now investigators in the city of Volokolamsk GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region is carried out pre-investigation checks.

— Currently undergoing the examination of the scene. It is planned the appointment of a forensic medical examination, during which will be the cause and time of death of the children and interviews of relatives and neighbors. By results of check will be a procedural decision — said MC senior assistant head of Department on interaction with mass-media Olga Brady.

This tragedy brings to mind terrible cases where mothers killed their newborn children. A young woman gave birth to a girl and brutally murdered her in her own yard. For this the court sentenced her to fifteen years of imprisonment. The same term was received also by another «mother» who dropped the baby in the cesspool with sewage. Another grief-mother left baby to die in the forest, but he found a mushroom. And how many children found in dumpsters! Dreadful statistics. Unfortunately, in our law, the punishment for women who killed her child immediately after birth, sometimes it’s conditional! Themis forgives them kind of mamas. However, on the women’s area is the most shameful article — infanticide. Even for the worst of recidivistic is taboo.