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A powerful source of radiation found in Vladivostok

The strongest source of radiation was in a container with ferrous scrap, which is supplied by rail was sent to the seaport of Vladivostok. On the surface of the container, the background radiation was 9.4 microsievert per hour, that is, natural background radiation was exceeded by more than 94 times.

In the study of the contents of the container by experts revealed that the radiation source was a radioisotope detector icing, used in aviation.

On its surface the level of radiation was exceeded compared with the natural time in 1700: he was about 170 microsievert per hour. In normal circumstances such a dose a person receives in about two months.

The source of the radiation will be disposed of. He was sent to the organization OOO «primtechnopolis» specializing in the disposal of radiation-hazardous facilities.

Earlier it became known that employees of far East customs office detained a shipment of radioactive camera lenses from Japan. Equivalent dose of gamma radiation on the surface of the box with the lenses was approximately 1.13 microsievert per hour, which is 10 times natural background radiation.