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A friend told me about the last hours of life and death Lesina

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Mikhail Lesin.

Sergei Vasiliev was the best friend and partner Mikhail Lesin, according to «Kommersant». He told the newspaper that Washington Mikhail Lesin called Pyotr Aven (head of Alfa-Bank), which was awarded the prize for the development of Russian-American relations. However, the meeting did not take place.

According to Vasiliev, Lesina was a tough year associated with double compression fracture of the spine. He underwent seven surgeries and he cut half his back and his few months was pursued by horrible pain. He returned to normal life, but there were frustrations associated with alcohol. Then in Washington he was with his old friends, but at night I left the hotel and checked in first.

As explained Vasiliev, Lessin morning again went to the store for alcohol. Then in the room came to him, the security officer who decided to check a long time not coming out of the guest. The guard found Lesina on the floor in a drunken state. A member of staff tried to shift on the bed, but failed and left the guest alone. Vasilyev added that he does not understand why the person in this state is not called the doctor. It seems strange to him. The next morning Mikhail Lesin has already found a cleaner without signs of life.

Sergei Vasiliev also said that previously it happened that in this state, Lesin was falling, and involuntarily inflicted injury and sometimes quite heavy.

Now we have to wait for the investigation to understand if these «blunt trauma to head and body» the consequence of the fall of Lesina and yet he survived the attack.

Previously the chief editor of «Echo of Moscow» Alexei Venediktov commented on the «MK» version of the killing Lesina «bony hand of Moscow»